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Cut down my baller shoe wardrobe so I got those black CCP Sidezips off eBay for like 725 Also I got those StoryEtFall Sidezips that were posted awhile back, I'll put up a proper review soon
I have a herschel black backpack and an antler carry on for travel I have a mismo briefcase and a mismo zipped shopper tote for work bags Want to upgrade to a ToJ suede daypack if I can find one (holla at me) and a rimowa aluminium topas carry on for further travels
That totally sucks man My entire life is in my laptop and iphone combo, so I would be super upset if my setup got stolen
Yeah he bought them to flip Classified is already up on SZ Where is that moo quote about how SinnedK is a great guy IRL
Can't wait for LeatherDaddy fits Moo Moo
Im a giant LV monogram, from head to toe
Someone should rename this thread the official stylezeitgeist refugee thread
Yeah fucking oath he does In his sidezips and workboots, ASAP Wish we could special order larger sizes or something
Jason Statham x Lad Era x Nigel Cabourn
This was too good not to post:
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