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Yeah he bought them to flip Classified is already up on SZ Where is that moo quote about how SinnedK is a great guy IRL
Can't wait for LeatherDaddy fits Moo Moo
Im a giant LV monogram, from head to toe
Someone should rename this thread the official stylezeitgeist refugee thread
Yeah fucking oath he does In his sidezips and workboots, ASAP Wish we could special order larger sizes or something
Jason Statham x Lad Era x Nigel Cabourn
This was too good not to post:
Man this thread has gone to shit As if Drew will ever do anything else on the internet again after this cunt dumpster Please no one start posting about Robert Geller or in the Baller Boots Thread, just leave your cancer AIDS here Thanks
Except Ashton
An Open Letter To Drew Keith: Hey Drew Thanks for making me two succulent black lamb bombers that I wear all the time and an amazing fishtail coat that has survived nasty holiday winters with sexual ease. I really appreciate everything you have put into ToJ and wish you all the best in your new ventures. Please don't let this cunt storm of a thread, full of wannabe entitled internet tough guys and nineteen year old half-cocked aspergers retreads, stop you from working...
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