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Hey @LA_Guy In the AMA people said Styleforum is too anti noob (to that effect) Why don't we have an adopt a noob program? Long termers can sign up in a thread and noobs can pick one they like to P.M and have a convo with without embarrassing themselves in the fighting pits that is random fashion thoughts? I'd be super down to help, already have a few times We could make it an ambassador program or something? Styleforum Big Brothers? Would make a difference to the...
Just cold water extract a whole bunch of codeine and swig that
How do they wear with your Bobby Geller bombers?I really like the look of them, so I'm thinking of ordering something similar, but black roughout.The wedge sole and suede just work so well...
They are a dark inky black, soft horse, no heavy scarring.They looked really rigid but they are surprisingly supple, they have had the zippers replaced with RiRi M8's but they have only been worn a few times (unvibramed and good conditon, stitching all intact and can still see name on sole), so the zippers must have failed or maybe replaced because the RiRi's are butter nice.Either way the price was great, I haven't seen this good condition CCP for this price before.Pretty...
No I'm not sure reallyThe reason it sold for so little was because he didn't bother to post any measurements or flavor textIt was just"CCP Horse SidezipsSize 10Worn Twice"
No I got them off eBay for like 725 USD, one of my better dealsThey are super nice, going to vibram ASAP to wear pretty frequently
My CCP Sidezips came, shit is real Luscious inky black horse, super nice I thought they would be rigid but they are suprisingly comfortable Baller shoes complete
Never understood making fun of people along racial or cultural lines.
Captain Moo of House Moral Highground
Kopped Recently: I got a super good price, so if they don't work out they will be up for sale. Also, these should get here tomorrow, hopefully they work out (I'll be super disappointed if not)
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