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Hey Guys These are from earlier collections when he used more structured materials, the cotton is super thick and somewhat rigid terry. Super nice details on both. 150 + shipping depending on where you want it to go Robert Geller Pointed Cuff Sweatshirt $125.00 -Pointed Snapback Cuffs -Dark Washed Black Cotton -Excellent Condition Stock Size: 52 Measurements Shoulder To Shoulder 18.5 Pit To Pit 22.0 Length From Back Of Neck To Base 27.0 Length From Shoulder To...
Why don't we just order some nice Japanese fabric by bulk and have it delivered for the project? Would make it super special I would be down for that for shizzle
How many people come in and buy generic looking button plain jane ups for like 100 dollars each when they could just buy uniqlo and spend bank on nicer shit like sneaks / outerwear / boots?I think if people don't have retail stores near them, they sort of get sucked into to thread specific group think and start paying through the nose when they would be better off buying other stuff but they can't handle it first so they go with the easy herd kops .Holla at me Fok, would...
^^ Hahah I think it would have to be worked out abit, but I just thought of it after that AMA. This community has been super awesome to me and I would love to give more back, helping people out who have no clue and want some swagger is a good way to do that, it should make SF a friendlier place too.Should we take this to P.M?
Then just send him pictures of your cock n ballz and be done with it
Yeah I know But the forum told me to fuck wit you Hendy, so Ima fuck wit you
The world will be a better place when we all is men go back to wearing tweed trousers or worsteds in town and women FINALLY be proper and put bustles on
Hey @LA_Guy In the AMA people said Styleforum is too anti noob (to that effect) Why don't we have an adopt a noob program? Long termers can sign up in a thread and noobs can pick one they like to P.M and have a convo with without embarrassing themselves in the fighting pits that is random fashion thoughts? I'd be super down to help, already have a few times We could make it an ambassador program or something? Styleforum Big Brothers? Would make a difference to the...
Just cold water extract a whole bunch of codeine and swig that
How do they wear with your Bobby Geller bombers?I really like the look of them, so I'm thinking of ordering something similar, but black roughout.The wedge sole and suede just work so well...
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