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Would be interested in a femme bomber for my wife
Yeah elisi it's perfect for work and isn't too business status which is hard to find Good pick
Yo elisi I got that mismo in all black It's damn nice, perfect for what I wanted
I was thinking about those.. I just bought two pairs of butteros though
I'm going to New York in May, hopefully I can see the man Going to send them an email anyway
For reals manJust PM me when you drop in
As someone who lives in Brisbane, it's a nice place to visit but awful to live in, we are a big mining / resource / agriculture / tourism state. Cray expensive public transport, but super nice super cheap holidays. It's stupid hot though, our UV index is off the chain. Melbourne is way nicer, good choice man. I'm moving to Melbourne this year.
Hey guys How do buttero side zips fit? I'm like a size 11.5, take 46/47 in Guidi, 45 in CDiem and 45 in Layer-0, 45 in CP's and 45 in MMM sneakers / boots. Thanks!
Pretty excited for this SS I really liked the runway
Has anyone got lookbooks or line photos for SS14? I wanna see what to kop!
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