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As someone who lives in Brisbane, it's a nice place to visit but awful to live in, we are a big mining / resource / agriculture / tourism state. Cray expensive public transport, but super nice super cheap holidays. It's stupid hot though, our UV index is off the chain. Melbourne is way nicer, good choice man. I'm moving to Melbourne this year.
Hey guys How do buttero side zips fit? I'm like a size 11.5, take 46/47 in Guidi, 45 in CDiem and 45 in Layer-0, 45 in CP's and 45 in MMM sneakers / boots. Thanks!
Pretty excited for this SS I really liked the runway
Has anyone got lookbooks or line photos for SS14? I wanna see what to kop!
Honestly I think when people are talking about guidi vs everything else, it's not really similar to much else out there All the shoes and boots by them are deconstructed and heavily washed, honestly they feel completely different to me
Nah they show up from time to time Have faith Gotta pray brother, you gotta pray
Hahaha neverrrr I still want a pair of the Workboots in size 45
2013 was pretty much more of the same, more Robert Geller, which I love, more expensive Boots / Shoes and heaps of nice T's. Also I've lost heaps of weight, so cleared out everything I don't really wear. I've had to get rid of some nice knits, but I'm not a hoarder so if I don't wear it, it goes. 2014 -Buttero Sidezips x 2 -Geller Black Canvas Zip Blazer -Geller Khaki Tencel Cadet Bomber -Geller Jeans x 4 -Geller Black Flight Pants / Shorts -ToJ Black Lamb MA-1 I might...
No I don't agree with that I have CDiem, Layer-0 and Guidi and I think they are just different Guidi are much more deconstructed, some of their shoes more so then others
If it's any consolation I've lost like 27 kilograms so that's why I have to part with these knits That and I have way too many knits I barely ever wear, I sorta wanna wear all my stuff reasonably regularly or I feel guilty Not a hoarder like LA Guy haha
New Posts  All Forums: