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They probably didn't intend that you vibram them either man But everyone does that I've got a couple old pair that need some love, if anyone has any experience with re waxing let me know
Anyone with any of the waxed carpes or juns got any advice on what to use to re wax?
Ugh I wish Jun / WJK made sizing up to 45, I'd own like six pairs.
Can anyone help me work out the leg opening on the slim fit straight colour denim? Is it a tapered cut?
This thread will be full of shitty Visvim pieces in no time
Excella YKK also adds girth to your cock
I don't really understand how people worry so much about their lamb jackets The lamb is so thick and supple, it takes so much punishment Just wear it and forget about it
Linen over leathers are a big grail for some Carpe ones are nice
It was a size 50 sandy olive combo sleeve denim jacket I really wanted one
Hahah that's racistI see what you did there jet
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