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SSell it all to meeeee
Yeah damn nice interview Teger FW14 is damn nice, Robert going from strength to strength It was interesting how he said he wanted to expand like Dries did, slowly, adding stores, good relationships with retailers and buyers, making customers happy and slowly building retail in the right locations. It's pretty obvious that Dries really went about it the right way, his line is still really good, very buy able / wearable and still has strong DNA from the designer. And...
Thanks Teg Looking forward to it
I would love as much info as possible Super stoked
Would be interested in a femme bomber for my wife
Yeah elisi it's perfect for work and isn't too business status which is hard to find Good pick
Yo elisi I got that mismo in all black It's damn nice, perfect for what I wanted
I was thinking about those.. I just bought two pairs of butteros though
I'm going to New York in May, hopefully I can see the man Going to send them an email anyway
For reals manJust PM me when you drop in
New Posts  All Forums: