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Also what's the go with SF being the centre of white professional class privilege?? If your dad rapes you when your young, pimps you for opiates and your mum has schizophrenia, you can't tell me that 'your just not trying hard enough' and 'they just need to pull it together' etc etc I thoroughly suggest people go read about the concept of privilege before they grandstand about how people are just lazy etc
Yeah I would agree re: Chefs You have no idea how many patients in D&A services are like "I'm a chef"
Holy shit thats nice...
HahahaSo trueActually, would be interesting to see what you've kept?
This would be awesome, I would much prefer just to pre-order stuff and pay full price.Thanks Fok, your support of the Geller thread has been awesome.
Making a thread about visvim should be heretical The only fair judgement Is exile
Arent CCP like double RRP of Plokhov?I got two pairs of Pokhovs for like, 750 bucks shipped, they are super nice and fill the bulbous toe +/- super distressed reverse leather that I wanted.I would easily kop again, price / quality ratio is cray cray.Will agree thats its pretty much Guidi level. The soles are like, triple leather though.
I saw this and was like, will be sold in 48 hours for sureI have it in black, super nice
Well well If it isn't MR SOCK
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