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Dainite is pretty good for rain I have a bunch of nice english boots / shoes with dainite soles for the storm season over here
Yeah I kopped two pair of reverse backzips in horse for 1500 CAD shipped, brand new Love a good deal Especially when RRP is getting fucking silly
LOOOOLNice punctuation and sentence structure, you grammar nazi cunt
Brad might be considered a militant feminist If your in the fucking Taliban
Love you chair dance
Looking for a medium black duffle, peacoat or chesterfield Also looking for a black daypack
Story of my kopping life, uniqlo has ruined clothes for me
Can we please make a 2017 kopping plans thread
Thought I would put up a quick review of these sidezips I bought recently after seeing this post.As they are just starting out and looking to build some awareness the owner was nice enough to give me a pair at cost to give some feedback on.I've been wanting a few pairs of plain black sidezips for work and I didn’t really want to pay through the nose aka Current MMM RRP.The website was easy to use and to order from, it was painless, and quick shipping with UPS is always a...
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