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Err if you have the cemented ones you know the shape already.. MMM's cemented construction is a tad different to most, they pull the uppers underneath the insole, rather then just cementing where they join. MMM lasts are more like slim carpe diem in my opinion, at least that was my old MMM boots. They have heaps of lasts, the leathers are nice but construction is average. They are super super comfortable though. MMM is nice for say 250 to 300 dollars, I wouldn't be paying...
I'm thinking of getting one tooHave been a pretty devoted apple user for years but the prices for outright purchase are pretty cray on new iPhones compared to where android is at nowSame as all computer hardware in general really, build quality of non apple laptops is way better then I remember
Still looking for a peacoat size 50 and a black daypack
Quoted for posterity
Dainite is pretty good for rain I have a bunch of nice english boots / shoes with dainite soles for the storm season over here
Yeah I kopped two pair of reverse backzips in horse for 1500 CAD shipped, brand new Love a good deal Especially when RRP is getting fucking silly
LOOOOLNice punctuation and sentence structure, you grammar nazi cunt
Brad might be considered a militant feminist If your in the fucking Taliban
Love you chair dance
Looking for a medium black duffle, peacoat or chesterfield Also looking for a black daypack
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