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Hi , Can someone please give me some advice and insight into selecting an appropriate button stance on a DB for a young guy. I am 6 foot with an athletic build, and I am ordering my first DB from a bespoke tailor. I am going for a 6 on 2, but I want to have an idea of what type of button stance would be most flatting for me. I have identified 3 main broad options. 1. Low and Close together - Like Prince...
thanks, does anyone know where in the UK i can try them cheers
hi guys, i need some advice on sizing- maganni dont sell their shoes in the uk, but i saw some abroad and they look great. i want to buy these mail order http://www.magnanni.com/index.php?p=...=5&color=Black but i dont know what size to buy them i take a 7.5 UK/european in dolce gabbana, and i take an 8 or 8.5 in stemar/moreschi. for instance i have the stemar equivalents of these http://www.moreschishoes.com/product...&pfid=MSC00771 in 8.5 and they are...
hey guys i bourght this new suit from vivienne westwood. its awesome and looks great on me, really fitted and a great shape. the problem is that im not very comfortable in it. its a little tight on the shoulders and under the arms so i feel restricted, and the trousers are a little tight on the thigh. but thats kinda the look. if i sized up, the whole effect is spoiled. the question is should i size up, and then take the whole thing in, or just get my talor to open up...
hey guys, two questions. i bought a short from vivienne westwood and its a little snug. how much does going up from a size I to a II correspond to. are the sizes up only a half size, or a full shirt size each time. also, as a general rule can viv westwood suits be let out around the waist and shoulders. thanks in advance
hey guys, just wondering, do most shirts either shrink or feel different to the touch after being washed, the one in question is a soft shirt, which doesnt have that straight out of the box cripsness which some shirts have. i wore it the other night, but found it so uncomfortable that i would like to return it but it smells a bit of smoke- ill have to wash it. will the store attendants be able to tell if i try and return it after its been washed. the shirt is...
hey guys im after a really nice mohair suit, in a young cut. i really like the shean and luster of the mohair material. i saw one suit in z zegna, but i was looking forsomething with a little more shall we say, vibrancy any ideas ps im aware i spelt the title wrong x
anyone got any suggestions
really nice- quite wearable in both the summer and the winter cos of the colour has anyone seen any suits in the same sheen, but in a shade or two lighter. i want one just like this but a smidge lighter in shade
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