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Is it a good idea to get STF and NOT shrink them at all? If I don't shrink them, will they be more baggy in the thigh and leg than if I sized up and shrank them? What I was planning to do was just wear them ~6 months without washing them, and then when they need a wash just stop wearing them. The reason is because I really like the raw denim sheen. I just don't know if they're cut to fit correctly pre-shrunk.
Quote: Originally Posted by djh If anyone's interested, I have both light grey and white achilles lows that I'm thinking of selling, size 45. Both are in about 8.5/10 condition, if anyone's interested, PM me and I'll take some pics. Interested. PM sent.
pm sent
I know I'm going to get shit for this but I really like how Abercrombie polos fit. I can get them at a discount and the material is nice and thick. I got some AA polos and although they fit fine they're kind of thin. What other brands of polo shirts are there that are of reasonable quality and a good price point? All I know is Lacoste or Polo RL polos.
Didn't tannergoods use to sell white classic leather belts? I vaguely remembered that y'all did and when I looked at your site they didn't have any.
I, along with some of you, had requested a shipping address change and they still shipped it to the wrong address... I checked the trackeg number and it had been "delivered" to my old address in a different city.
So have the items ordered over the weekend been sent out yet? I never got an email confirmation or anything.
Really, I don't know why people ask this, the best place is a Clarks retail store. They even have those beeswax leather boots that online sources say are backordered. Everyone says they're hard to find, but Clarks retail stores have tons. They apparently put much more priority stocking their own stores than others (online and B&M alike). for locations.
Quote: Originally Posted by playdohh22 I am located in New York, NY. Will proxy for low prices, any store in the city. PM sent.
So, when I bought my size 30 APC NS I was 32 in waist, sizing down 2. Now when I measure the jeans they are 34 inches in waist. So does this mean they fit as if they were sized down 4?
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