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Cross-posting from questions thread: What color jacket works best with dark denim and off-white chinos, navy or black?
What color jacket works best with dark denim and off-white chinos, navy or black?
Actually, all of my jeans have had the front left side fade faster than the front right side. Inversely, on the back, the right side fades faster. Not to worry though, this has to do with the direction of the weave of the denim and is completely normal.
Alright, I'm looking to expand my wardrobe for the new fall semester in college. Last year, I pretty much wore APC NS, Dior 21cm with American Apparel polos and t shirts every day. I'd like to add some variety to this, but I'd like to make one or two huge online order like before. (I ordered like 20 AA shirts at one time.) So, any advice on what to do on the cheap? If I don't come up with anything soon, i'm going to just buy some more AA.
I regularly wear diors around my campus and no one cares. The rear darting/scar stitching isn't too recognizable. I'd imagine APCs would be even less recognizable to anyone except those "in the know." What I'm trying to say is you're not going to be impressing anyone with your jeans. If they're going to be skinny, there's a whole bunch of hipsters wearing skinny jeans all over the place. If you do decide to wear raws, know that you're doing it for yourself and not...
Original fit is the 501. Slightly slim straight leg, very good, especially the newer ones. Regular fit is a straight leg, and a relaxed fit is an even looser straight leg cut. I reccommend either the 501 or 514.
Is there any way to get the Clarks UK online store to ship to the US? I really want their white leather DB.
Quote: Originally Posted by UnD3R0aTh ..nope, i was talking more about big tennisy shoes =P, like i said, im a big guy, i like to wear big shoes (they dont really look big tho, moderate sizes), still no problems right? Could you post what kind of tennis shoes you regularly wear? Honestly, wearing tennis shoes/running shoes when you're not doing said activity doesn't make any sense at all. Sure they may be comfortable but they're mostly...
Quote: Originally Posted by nyf Don't get AA polos. Is anything wrong with AA polos? They're cheap enough and seem to be fitted just like their t shirts. I was planning on getting some.
You people realize the process is called tanning because it uses a substance called tannin. You don't actually leave it in the sun. Leaving your leather pieces in the sun might change the color from weathering effects, but not because of the sunlight itself. I've seen some SuFu people post about how they leave their belts in the sun and then get humiliated as people pointed out that that's not how you do it at all.
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