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about 75% of the time.
So, anyone know about how much to get some DBs resoled with crepe? I just recently wore completely through the original crepe sole and I don't really want to get rid of them seeing as how awesome they look. Lasted almost a full year too, as I bought them last thanksgiving.
WOW those casual wingtips look amazing. I might just pick those up unless someone can reccommend a different brand...
Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanvt the only problem i have with the tanner natural wallet is, its not cut right so that the top slot for the CC doesnt stick out... damnit. What? Can you explain? I was considering buying one because of this thread. Quote: Originally Posted by flesy LV Damier Graphite. I have this wallet right now, and after a while (~ 4-5 months) all of my cards cracked. Let me know if...
Yo, does anyone have a link to the thread of the guy that made custom leather stuff, like wallets and belts, in the B&S forum a while back? I forgot his email and I would like to order some more stuff from him.
is it the gray one?
Christ, I have a 40" chest, 5' 8", 160lbs and the large is still kind of snug. Wonder if I could like shift the buttons a bit so it'll fit more loose?
What about uniqlo?
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell ^^ Tan or dark green. Haha, amazing. I would've never considered a dark green jacket, but thinking about it, it's not bad at all.
Hmm, I have too many tan jackets, olive it is!
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