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Explain how you went about the going shampoo-less. I'm asian and my hair used to look like that. I tried shampoo-free as well but my hair just got too greasy too quickly. I then tried using high-end shampoos but to no avail. I've found the trick is to use a shampoo without sodium laurel sulfate, and conditioners without silicones. SLS is a lathering agent, added to make people think that their shampoo is working, well, it does, stripping not only dirt and grease, but...
Hahaha I just copped the last pair of white DB off of amazon for $38.
Quote: Originally Posted by krylon80 i can give you a japan denim comparison. skinny fit is like the ns's, reg fit like the rescues, with the one exception you dont really need to size down. their phone ordering sucks, also email ordering is no longer supported (prob why you havent heard back So if I wanted something to replace my NS, I wouldn't have an option for "Japan Denim"? It seems they only have Japan Denim for slim fit straight and...
So can anyone give me a run down on the different cuts of Uniqlo jeans? Like compare them to NS or Diors or something. Also, how do you tell which is which when ordering through the phone? It seems that most of them have the same name and it seems like the sales person may get confused.
Damn, I loved trendyblanks. Are there really no other webstore alternatives? I don't really like using ebay, but if I have to resort to it, are there any specific reputable sellers I should buy from?
Honestly, if you are used to wearing sneakers all the time the change can be tough. Especially for you, because they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. It takes a couple of days but they mold to your feet perfectly.
Peacoat, navy or black? Will be worn with jeans and sometimes chinos.
Can anyone link to the Red Wings these things are knocking off? Maybe If I compare the construction of them or something, I can convince myself not to get these.
Wait, you can use the student discount online?
Have you tired online? Stores that don't carry tall in stoes sometimes have tall sizes availilble online.
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