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I'm interested in the white and light blue H&M and the cheap monday shirts pending measurements. Thanks.
will you post measurements for the pants and the length of the jacket for the merona suit?
can you post measurements for these please, specifically #2 sorahikos. Also photos would be great. Thanks.
I have a pair of Straight Svens Flame Selvage 28x32 if you are interested. -measurements, BiG method- tagged: 28x32 waist: 30" inseam: 32" thigh: 11" knee: 8" hem: 8" I bought them a while back, tried them on for a few hours inside and decided they were too small for me. They've been sitting in my closet ever since... pretty much brand new. Let me know if you're interested.
one more try....
^^I think he sells whole belt. I'm just looking for the buckle. There must be someone who has an extra buckle lying around.
This is a long shot, but does anyone have an exta one of these that they can sell to me? Please feel free to PM me. Thanks. I will take either silver or brass.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Some shoes i thought people might like: Paul Smith On a side note, does anyone know how to get that distressed suede look? I've got a pair of suede shoes that I don't wear any more that I'd like to try something like this on.
I'm interested, however, the waist on the pants are a couple of inches too big. Do you think they can be taken in ok? Will you post thigh and hem measurements for the pants as well? Thanks. oh yeah, do you have fit pics as well?
GS, have you seen their "phantom" model? Looks pretty neat. I like B&R in theory, but I've never tried any of them on so I dont really know how they would wear.
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