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I use wella contura trimmers. I don't really like a close shave though, nor do I need to for work.
Your hair is a little "heavy" have your stylist remove some of the weight. Simply use a small amount of product and let your hair fall naturally.
Should have got the mx3000. That thing is rad
Concrete for sure
Wish I had $10k to blow. Saw a green one on ebay about six months ago for $3k. Man I should have got the damn thing
I bought a white eames knockoff. It's the most uncomfortable pos I've ever owned. Wish I would have splurged on an original. I find them very comfortable, just a little out of my 25 year old budget.
Hmm I've been a vegetarian for six years or so. Has not much to do with the meat is murder bs, although it's an added bonus. I eat some of the "fake meat" stuff. I would say it's used more for texture than anything. I use morningstar grillers "sausage crumbles" in pasta, gives it a nice smokey taste. Being a vegetarian for me totally changed the way I approach food, which was my goal. Never tempted to eat crappy fast food among other things.
Kevin Murphy easy Rider would do the trick perfectly
Need a pair of 25's unwashed
Ever get out of the water when you are at the beach and your hair feels like it has thickened up a bit? As long as you apply the product correctly you'll get a similar feeling, minus the salt flakes of course.
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