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His perfume is the best!
Try GAP, Banana Republic....
No way! From the back look like a pair of black sneakers. Do a little more search, you can find better! A lot better!
What do you mean about "a pull that is clearly visible"? How visible? If it's not so bad, you can see a tailor and he might be helpful. Good luck!
I prefer Audemars Piguet Grande complication series. It's al about the details!
I saw a Giorgio Armani tie which looked just like the one you show in the pic, but I can't find it. It was black. I'll get back to you as soon as I find it
I read about the symmetry measurement, and I find it as an essential program to be found in any tailor-shop with high expectations. As about the movie, I hadn't had the chance to see it, but can't wait.
My coffee makes me happy every hard morning
My neighboures, who are very in love. Especially late in the night!
I found these days on Gap a light jacket that has a clean look but I don`t remember the name. It's around 60 bucks
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