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Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew where I can learn how to make a suit, like a tailor school that specializes in suit making. Maybe even in the United States, California? I have tried googling for a tailor school, though the result I got most of the time were all fashion schools. Mainly the academy of arts in SF. I am not very knowledgeable about the path of becoming a tailor, and if anyone can enlighten me, please do. Thank you.
Bandwagonesque, it looks like your 3 roll 2 suit has darts. I thought Jason made only sack suits? And can you also post pictures when you get your suit? =].
I think my body is around the same as thisisme. I am about 5'5", and I weight about 120lbs. I actually don't know any of my measurements. But I find it that most of the time when I try to buy a suit in store, it doesn't really fit. Should I also try "cadet" sized suits? If so what size would I be? and will the suit be a nice fit? or should I try a custom suit?
Is it possible that some one answer raley's question about darts? I, too, am not familiar with the features of a dart. Thanks.
Hello everyone! I am currently looking for some dress shoes, and I saw this deal on Amazon for Clark's shoes with $20 off on purchases of $80+. What do you guys think of Clark's shoes? Are they decent? What do you think of the deal? I actually have no dress shoes and never bought one before, so if you can be kind enough to give me some advice in purchasing one. Here is the link to those shoes: Thanks, Toan Vu.
Just out of curiosity, how tall are you, whoopee? If the question offended you, I apologize. I really like the way you stylized your suits and am actually trying to find a similiar suit, but I am just a little afraid that with my height, the suit wouldn't really do =/. I am 5'5" by the way.
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