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Quite the list! I'd have to say my favorites are Low Hurtz, a cool japanese brand, definitely Levi's, and Dagr shirts.
These are all pretty good. What about Sand or Tiger Sweden? Tiger is great for the tall guys here ... but my fav shirts are still from these Canuks!
Band of Outsiders is great stuff, but grossly overpriced IMHO. They use very cheap fabrics and the make is average quality; what you're paying for is the fit, which is fantastic.
Certain companies offer 'stock singles' programs that are semi-custom and less expensive. A company called Lipson Shirts offers their Elite program, which lets you choose sleeve length, neck size, a few different body styles and over 100 different fabrics. This type of pragram seems liek what youre looking for....
Well nobody responded to my question about dagrusa.com, so i decided to take a chance and order a shirt; solid decision i think. I feel like I've found a hidden gem of a shop ... i actually debated posting about it here 'cause i want it all to myself! But share and share alike, they say :-) The shirt fits really well...not too snug but not too baggy either, the fabric is amazing and the price was right. All of the shirts on the site have these silly names, but the...
hey guys...a friend of mine just sent me over to www.dagrusa.com ... made in Canada and supposedly great stuff. anyone ever had a dagr shirt?
this seems to be the general trend...people moving towards essential purchases where value and longevity is king...
hey guys...thought this might be a good topic for discussion since many of us have/will be feeling the effects of the recent economic 'downturn'. how will the slowing economy effect your clothing purchases in the coming months? do you feel your perception of value has been forever changed? i, for one, cant go back to spending the way i used to after seeing the prices in stores this past xmas season....
fantastic shoes...just love the Edmonds :-) funny thing is i remember back in the day they touted themselves as being the favorite shoes of one George W. Bush. Not sure if theyre still braggin about this, but it would have been some great PR had he decided to toss back a pair of american-made leather from the podium the other day :-) :-)
i would definitely say wear the dry/raw ones as much as possible before your first wash. at least a year! i know it sounds crazy (and if they start to smell just febreeze) but youll be glad in the end with your custom fade!
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