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I always thought the 918 looked rather dull compared to my P1 and LaFerrari. I do like the exhaust setup on it doe. -- Just test drove a GTI. Zippy little car but the steering is way too light. The DSG was disappointing too. There's a noticeable lag between 1st and 2nd. The other gears are pretty quick though.
I have Netflix and do a family split for prime with several people, meaning I get the free shipping and shit, but no access to the videos and music. Only the "head of the family" for the account gets the streaming. I only pay like $10 a year for my prime doe.
If I had a dollar for every good poast by Ed, I'd be $23k in debt.
I actually preferred the "reviews" and hated the stupid stunts and shorts they had. I would always skip those.Agreed on CH. He's such an entertaining reviewer without being over the top. I fully expect him to have his own show, or at least be a part of one, within the next 5 years.Agreed. Wish they went with Netflix. Would have a boon for Netflix if they did.
Talk to the hand brah 👋🏻
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The HRoi thumb is a rather elusive beast. I do believe I've only seen three in the wild so far. Therefore, I have captured 1/3 of the HRoi thumb market share.
If your ability to catch a punch is anything like your ability to receive a penis, this will take no time at all.
Amazon picked up clarkson Hammond and may to film three seasons of top gear for prime.
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