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I have millions in deferred pay from my future bidnesses.
dam you got me dere brah
Now that the weather is letting up I miss mai m5 moar than ever.
Fuckin horns! Always ruining shit
Wtf no MOar thumb comments?!
Booth has an admirable approach, but the incoarrect one, IMO. Instead of trying to impress his bosses, he should figure out how to become Da Boss.
The sax bit in Going Down for Real sounds like Teach me how to dougie
That's an HRoi if I ever saw one
It is not unreasonable to expect this laptop to handle web browsing seamlessly. This is supposed to be the laptop for light users like myself. It's just much more underpowered than I had anticipated.Thanks, will check it out. Ain't no one got time for YouTube ads.
New Posts  All Forums: