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I was actually just thinking that.. a combo meal at Mcdonalds ranges from, what, $6 to $8? And you can get a chipotle burrito bowl for around $7. No wonder Mickey d's is doing so horribly.
Holy shit! This reminds me! I donated a lot of clothes to a Goodwill a couple months back and they gave me a slip for tax deduction purposes. I hope I still have it..
This is why I fucking hate taking a shit at my house: I just majorly clogged the toilet. Nothing beats the industrial-grade suction of a work toilet. Damn. AND I forgot to lift my legs to test a new pooping method.
wtf is wrong with you!
i have a sudden hankering for jack in the box curly fries.. aint none of that shit around here that, and the nearest taco bell and popeyes are SO FAR AWAY
Also, people have different leg lengths.. I can't imagine that stool being one size "fits" all.
I do need to take a dump soon. I'm going to test the Leg Lift method. Will repoart back.
I don't give cash to homeless people. Actually, it's more like I can't. Why? Cause I never carry any! Though, if a "bum" came up to with a smartphone and square reader, I just might be tempted to swipe my card and write it off as a tax deduction.
Can I just lift my legs up at an angle?
The number of third world country children it takes to refine one gallon of that fuel's octane rating.
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