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I just downloaded and installed Yosemite. I like it.
Nice. Such a good feeling.
Stupid Millenials.. Thank god I'm not one of them.
About time they get punished. What the fuck was Bezos thinking with the Fire phone?
I had a dream last night where Katy Perry was feeling me up. It was fantastic.
Wtf is the korean punishment position, Find Finn?
Are you going to be packing Find Finn? You know, in the butt?
Close! But not quite. I'm reclined all the way back on my chair with my feet kicked up on my desk.Why is it that all the positions most bad for your posture always so comfortable?#startuplyfeErr, shit. I went to a private school.#startuplife
My company stocks chobani Greek yogurt as one of the many foodstuffs they provide and they're all out of the strawberry banana flavor! I guess I'll settle for peach.
New Posts  All Forums: