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You should stop getting distracted and get yourself a nice '11 Gallardo. Or a 458 If you can swing one. I will own a 458 someday.
Good for me and my gas guzzling car Edit: hot damn, look at all the airline stocks...
I'm getting a sense of deja vu..
Que es Aztec?
My mom cooked ham and a Korean short-rib dish this Thanksgiving.Delishus! I'm kinda tired of turkey.
lolwut?!it's hawt as fawk
MrG poasts that make fun of me tend to garner many likes. The one above did not. In other words, it FAILED. This makes me happy. [[SPOILER]]
It's okay, Piob. You're right! We are all friends here. Feminine moans definitely give me more aural pleasure. You can take all the manly grunting and groaning.I won't judge you for your lifestyle choices.
Def. concede on the Ferrari V8s, but only because they're low displacement, high-revving, high-strung V8s. I love dat exhaust note. I'm not a big fan of the deep, burbly exhaust notes of the big displacement AMGs, muscle cars, etc. Not that I don't like them.. they just don't really excite me. Edit: actually, you know what, I'm gonna admit I don't like AMG exhausts at all. They're so dull to me.. sorry JayJay..
There is no better exhaust note than that of a V10/12. FACT.
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