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How many hours / days does it take for your muscles to repair themselves after a workout? I've seen 48 hours as the standard length of time -- is that true? Reason I ask is, I worked out Tuesday after work and ate a protein heavy meal throughout the day. Yesterday (Wednesday), I did the same and ate protein throughout the day. Same, today. Question is, will my body still be rebuilding my muscles tonight when I go to bed, even though it's been more than 48 hours? I'm...
10 bucks says you went to bubba's cooks country
I get it, but your situation is different. I'm assuming the magnitude of the difference in $$ we're talking here is far greater in your case.Plus, dropping the prices on cars -- isn't that set by corporate? I doubt dealers have any say in that and they were just saying shit to appease you. Granted, they shouldn't have fed you bullshit, but it's a different scenario.
3 num pang sandwiches?
I spent $33 on groceries tonight and it angered me.Fucking chobani yogurt is $1.25 a pop!
Maybe it's time to say goodbye, MB, hello, BMW!
Honestly, it sounds like your pride is getting in the way as well. I understand the principle aspect, but it sounds like a really great car that you really want. $25? Fuck it. I'd do it.
Shit, brah, $25? Fuckin' do it!
Ruthless pragmatism.
otc is the type of guy you want around when there's a zombie apocalypse.
New Posts  All Forums: