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Of course you miss receiving packages in the rear
I took BillinFool's Entrapment 101 course to become entrapmanure like him and he billed me for bout tree fiddy at end of class don't know what else I was expecting 😭😭😭
 Can't believe you weigh that much. Damn.
Congrats on the car! Are you planning any mods? I think some aftermarket headers, lowering springs, a cat back exhaust and a nice stage 3 supercharging kit with nitrous should do the trick. In all seriousness, love the color. It's all about dat steel grey exterior.
FillinFool would fill it nice and right
holy fuck whats your 401k invested in?
Yeah i have something similar in my car. It's good enough but it aint like having native bluetooth functionality built into the car. 
starting to hear moar Crimmus musics and jingles on the telebision to where I am in condition of cheer 😊
Not on my e46 
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