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you mean 60s?
I keep reading 'crook' as 'cock.' What's wrong with me? Fuckin SF.
Re: shitty facebook ads -- I used to get those too, especially because I have 'working out' as a like. I hid all those ads though by reporting them as distasteful or useless and now even the ads I get on the right of my newsfeed are either completely irrelevant at worst, or slightly useful at best. I have seen one buzzfeed sponsored post that I actually clicked on. That was a mistake. But yeah, you can kinda curate your own ads by actively removing the ones you find...
Sorry to hear, otc. Assuming you live on the ground floor? -- On an unrelated note, where is Douglas poaster and why doesn't he poast anymore?
My guess would be brand recognition as well. I ran into my first Instagram ad today (granted, I just made my instagram account like two weeks ago and don't follow very many people) and it was from McDonalds advertising their triple stacker or whatever it's called. Those types of ads, I would presume, are for brand awareness. I'm betting they'll soon allow e-commerce websites to link to actual merchandise to drive direct sales from those ads. We'll see. Either way, it was...
The place I go to for haircuts is cash-only now. Moderately annoying.
I'm really liking the FB story and how the company is shaping and positioning itself. I'm going to double or triple down when we get a decent dip. Leaving my JPM position as-is.
A moose is a lot bigger too, so I bet the damage was worse, though depends on speed too, obviously.lol'd at the end of the video, 'Ugh. FUCKIN DEER!'
Lol, I'm trying to submit bugs and shit as they happen, but Feedback Assistant keeps crashing on me. So meta.
Safari is a mixed bag. I love the new aesthetic and how they handle favorite websites, a la iOS' safari. But the performance is choppy in some aspects and much better in others. This may just be me, but GIFs load much quicker. But moving back and forth between pages is a bit slower, for some reason. Going on YouTube and going 'back' causes Safari to stall and crash.
New Posts  All Forums: