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At face value, it sucks. But like most things that change, I'm sure we'll come to get used to it over time.I'm like, WUTEVA!
Yeah I noticed that too in iOS 8. To get to your old pictures you now have to go through that "moments" categorization BS now.
Conne has a ten inch cock?
This, though sometimes I wonder what kind of iPhones we could have if Apple used really insane, cutting edge technology, at the expense of their profit margins. They sell the most expensive, mainstream phones on the market -- what if the high prices were for expensive technology packed in their phones? I bet we could see some really neat stuff then.Or not.
There's a new CNBC app (for iOS). It's pretty slick. Change was a bit jarring at first, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Better gesture-based navigation controls. Better UI. More news articles, too. Old one looks and feels outdated now.
I am. I also never use cases because it just feels better that way, but I'm 100% with you for why I'm currently considering one -- the fucking protruding camera lens. That, and the godawful, hideous antenna lines.I like this one from spigen -- very thin and minimalistic. The one thing I don't like about these cases, though, is that dust and shit invariably seep in through the cutouts for the camera and lens and the vibrate / volume...
Just installed ios 8. The UI tweaks are nice. Like using swiftkey as my keyboard so far. I'm pretty damn fast at typing with my thumbs as it is, so the swype typing isn't necessarily faster, but it's pretty cool and convenient. Maybe if I stick to it for awhile I'll become even faster. Really looking forward to more apps using the touch id API. I wish a successful scan would provide some more feedback other than simply having the window disappear. A slight vibration would...
Sweet bag dude. Who makes it?
Only one in the pink? I aim for two.
Macaron ice cream sandwiches? I'll try it but I'm skeptical.
New Posts  All Forums: