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It's in your hands now, but I'm sure your butt plug will be in something else later tonight
Is it safe to drive on 70 dollar wheels?
Whenever I find a song I really like, I end up playing it to death on a repeat binge and it loses its luster within days. I should stop doing that.
Random interjection: does anyone know the science behind how long it takes for a muscle group to complete protein synthesis? In other words, let's say I worked out pecs and triceps on Tuesday after dinner. It's been 48 hours since then. When I go to bed tonight, will those muscle groups still be repairing themselves? I guess another way to phrase the question is, how long does it take for muscles to fully recover after a workout? 48 hours? 72 hours? It depends on the...
FINALLY took some decent pics of my car and posted new FS ads on some BMW forums, craigslist, and fucking autotrader. Fucking autotrader. They have the WORST UI ever known to man kind when it comes to creating your listing and arranging your photos. Then they try to upsell you for all this miscellaneous bullshit. What a terrible, terrible interface. And I paid $75 for the pleasure of using it. Hopefully I can sell my car before winter hits. If not, fuck it. I'll just...
You're not worth my time. Just gonna ignore you from now on.
You're so juvenile. Are you always this abrasive and prickish in real life, too?
Bezos isn't innovating.
LOL AMZN The fuck is bezos doing? Classic let's throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. Smh.
For cereal?! I love Friends
New Posts  All Forums: