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lol'd at "substantial breasts"
It's been pretty handicapped until watchOS 3. The most useful functionality for me is for tracking my exercise. Granted, I only do weight lifting which it can't track per se, but it's useful for logging when I work out. I also really like how it looks. I have a knock off stainless steel link bracelet from amazon and it looks pretty ace with it. -- I had a dream last night that I chatted up an apple employee into showing me a production version of the 7 -- in the box and...
+1 on communicating I can certainly understand your frustrations Piob. I think your wife would as well.
Sounds like a nice commute then? I'm getting way ahead of myself by thinking these things, but I have a first round interview coming up for a company in BK and I think the timing is right in terms of finding a rental since it's off-peak / season.Of my two closest friends, one lives in FiDi and the other lives in BK Heights but we mostly hang out in Manhattan. I've been doing some research online and most people seem to recommend that you live where you want to hang out,...
Yikes. For how long has this been boiling over?
How (un)common is it for someone to live in Manhattan while working in Brooklyn -- DUMBO, to be precise?
Met a really friendly house hippohopohoppatamous named hippa pert near put me to condition of overloaded from cuteness.I think she will get along quite well with house harambe. [[SPOILER]]
I think the opposite -- the 2016 iPhone 7 has a whole hell lot to lose. I sincerely hope the rumor mill has been trolling us because it's not looking to be an exciting update at all. I'm nervous as an investor too because I've never seen such frequently mentioned public commentary around "yeah, I'm skipping the 7 because of XYZ."That said, removing the headphone jack does seem to have allowed Apple to stuff a 26% larger battery and if iOS 10 is optimized + A10 is super...
What if she was having her period (heavy flow day)? I imagine you'd gather her uterine lining chunks on a spoon, heat em up with a lighter to melt the goods, and shoot it up like heroin through your urethra.
Why would a 1990s style tie with big, bold, colorful geometrical patterns and thin, flemsy silk and tiny knots make you want to do that?
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