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How come I'm no longer in the running for DoTY anymore?WTF!
Doing bench presses while needing to fart really bad was a real exercise in restraint. Phew!
Yup. Highly highly recommend.Don't get the Merona brand. It has to be Mossimo.
You should use a cash back credit card for all your purchases and set up a monthly auto pay that debits your entire balance.There's no real, compelling argument for using debit cards if you can control your finances. It has no protection benefits whatsoever.
I use visa so I'm a pleb.
Yeah all my friends in Nyc have sapphire cards. They really do feel good in the hands cause of the heft.
I used to have the amex zync card (now discontinued because it flopped with younger people) and only paid like $25 a year in membership fees. It had a cool, white design and merchants would always be like "wow I've never seen an amex like that before! You must be a high spender!" Little did they know it was the most pleb amex available lol. Now I have the standard green one. Never should have "upgraded" as i can't justify the $95 fee since I rarely ever use my Amex.
Lol suckaaa
New Posts  All Forums: