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Ken Bone x Bugatchi collab
Alright wtf is going on with TWTR right now it's up 7% in the last hour Edit: rumored to be potentially acquired by softbank. Here we go again.
Slim fit sweaters from dat mossimo of Tarjet brand that accentuate your pecs, v-taper, and arms. ☺️☺️☺️
No idea what this means.Makes sense to me. I wouldn't want reverse to be TOO sensitive to throttle input when you're trying to make fine adjustments.There's obviously a middle ground to be staked on but it should probably be closer to the taller gearing camp.
Agreed. I've never found myself in a situation where I was reversing with the clutch fully engaged. It's always just short distances that require minor slippage.
What's the procedure to enact what you're describing (direct negotiation of prices)? Would that have to pass through legislation? I'm woefully ignorant about how policies like that get enacted in the US.
Slipping the clutch at those RPMs? I wouldn't sweat it one beat. These clutches are engineered to take a beating. And what you're describing is not a beating.
And you will too.
Sorry to hear, inde. Hope she passes away peacefully and that you and your family stay strong.
Ok, so Biotech & Hillary -- with the dems taking a majority in the Senate and maybe only 15 of the 30 seats (at best) in the House needed to get a Democratic majority, isn't it fair to say that the odds of major reform or legislation against the biotech industry exceedingly unlikely? The Repubs will still be a formidable force to reckon with and my research on the topic indicates that all the negative price action on biotech in general is overdone. @Piobaire -- thoughts?
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