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For those of you who are aware of my weird job application situation I posted about in the things you just dont get thread, I finally got word from the recruiter and they want to interview me!! This after getting rejected by their online job posting system! Just goes to show you how much luck is involved in a job search.
I hate push-to-start buttons. I'd much rather get the satisfaction of cranking the ignition myself.
I'm glad my family has welcomed you with open arms. [[SPOILER]]
I'm not close at all with any of my extended family and it sucks. Dad's side because of a family feud over a business and all the associated financial bickering that's associated with such drama. Mom's side just because I never grew up with or near them. No cool uncles or aunts, no cousins to hang out with, nothing.
And very solid AAPL #s!! WOW 7 FOR 1 STOCK SPLIT! and increased buy-backs! I likey, though disappointing ipad sales. edit: up 7-8%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! v
Solid earnings form FB
Well, yeah. Since when was it ever not "biased" to compare a company's financials against its peers in the same industry?
I try to do the same, but it's exceedingly tough for me. Scumbag brain, I guess.
When it comes to FB, I care about rapidly increasing earnings growth through additional monetization of their expanding platforms. My current timeline for holding stocks right now is 1-2 years. I don't look past that.I understand the argument you're trying to make, but applying such a rigid POV to equity investing would preclude you from investing in some great growth stocks, like AMZN, that defy all rational logic and valuation metrics.It's just a different philosophy in...
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