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Habanero flour sounds pretty cool, actually.
I ordered 20 bags of habanero potato chips. They just shipped.
I want num pang so bad right now...
I downloaded 8.0.2. No issues.
No. They fucked up with the antenna issue, plan and simple. But the bending (non)issue is stupid as fuck. If you're the type of person to SIT ON YOUR SMARTPHONE in your back pocket, I have no comments for you. You deserve to have your phone bend or screen crack. Absolutely stupid and it's not even comfortable! It makes no sense.
apple dun goof'd with the updates. Heads will be rolling after this I imagine.
Wat. I keep my phone in my front pocket.
Would a bean bag chair sway your feelings perhaps?
That's not what I meant. Who sits on their phones in their back pocket anyway? Not only is that just risky business, but thats uncomfortable as fuck.
New Posts  All Forums: