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doooo eeettttt!no ragrets.
God that video was sad.
Lol went to an apple store to check out the 6+ and there are fucking asians everywhere in line trying to scalp iPhones. The 6+ is humongous. No bueno para mi.
I've figured out that swipe is great for one handed typing but I'm far faster with two thumbs. Swipe is mad convenient yo!
Now that I've stopped jizzing my pants over the new iPhone, the luster is all gone. I still like the big screen and the phone overall, but one handed usability takes a big hit. It's also a bit too slippery with the curved sides and begs the use of a case, which i ordered. Toggling the power button to turn off the display is also hard and I wish it was placed slightly lower towards the middle of the side. Perhaps I just need to get used to it. In other news, I had a guy...
yeah, but i wouldnt. apple is notoriously unreliable with the first iterations of their cloud services. you can always upgrade to icloud drive, but you can't downgrade. im personally going to wait a couple months until it's proven to be effective and reliable. im already having significant difficulties backing up my iphone to icloud -- i had to manually back it up to my computer for now.
Buyer assumes all responsibility for shipping, registration, and taxes.
Finn, buy my m5 for $40K USD. That's with the SF discount of a 25% premium.
fwiw, this happened to me too.i pre-ordered an iphone 6 space grey 64gb on sunday and i got all those notifications that i was going to receive it on friday, but when i called a rep, she said it was backordered and that it was all a mistake.im surprised it happened to you, though, given ethat you pre-ordred when it first became available.
Random stream of consciousness: - love love love the bigger screen - fits perfectly in my hand - rounded screen and edges feel great - the antenna lines aren't as offensive as I thought they'd be (space grey) - one small con: the volume buttons are rather wobbly; but all the other buttons are solid and clicky - clicking the vibrate button around makes the phone feel hollow; kinda strange, though not necessarily bad? - vibrator is much stronger and louder too - for those...
New Posts  All Forums: