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Brah, penisland is like older than the internet. The whole joak is that otc is unmistakably employed on a Penis Island. I remember buying a pair of Alchemist jeans from BiG when I was a sophomore in college. My friend and I were looking at the leather patch and the spacing was all fucked up to where it said "A N A L C H E M I S T"
I rewatched How to Make It in America recently and it's a damn shame it got cancelled that's for sure no two ways about it.
Moar like otc@penisisland
Dat Hyundai luxury
Hey guys, asking for a friend: "is it true that the darker dat berry, the sweeter dat juice?"
Paging @Piobaire Ganjabaire
It was a brand new one at the time, relatively, that is. Had fewer than 3K miles.I stand by raw: it had a lot of road noise, the suspension was very stiff, you could feel every bump in the road (going over a small parking lot speed bump at 10 MPH felt like hitting a deep pothole at 70 MPH). That all said, steering didn't transmit much feel back and shifts were somewhat clunky at slow speeds. It's not raw like a GT3 is raw, but it's not a lux/comfort performance sports car...
I drove a GTR a year ago and the first thing that hit me was how clunky the transmission was in low speed city driving. I thought it was broken at first because it kept clanking and making worrisome metal slamming on metal sounds every so often. Turns out it's 100% normal. It's a very raw car and you can hear and feel everything. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes for a poor DD.
You mean to say you took a hard object to your rim?
You're in Boston right? They're a dime a dozen what with all the rich international college kids (Chinese).
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