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It's okay. Rosita can use my 3.5mm whenever she wants.
We need to find Find Finn and ramuman.
giboanius cawk so thin his sperm shoot out in single file formation
So this is how Pilot poaster landed a gig as an airplane pilot without ever having flown a plane before!
Carl: I'm so mad I'm gonna be ballsy as hell and risk my life sneaking into the Saviors' compound so I can pop a cap in Negan's ass!!!! Arrives at Negan's compound and demands to see Negan. Negan reveals himself. Carl: oh hey, nvm, not gonna shoot. Nor am I going to take any of the other hundreds of opportunities you've presented to kill you.
Another productive day at the office where all I did was take an hour for lunch and search for apartments on my 32" 4K monitor for all my colleagues to see. 😊
God I would love to see everyone in this thread meet up IRL for drinks and discuss Trump.
Sounds like someone ain't getting any Christmas presents this year.
Yikes, that sucks. Sorry to see that happen. Thought that was a Shelby cobra at first glance heh.
Fuck. I knew I was in trouble when the waitress smirked as I asked for extra spicy chicken vindaloo. 😭
New Posts  All Forums: