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Moar about the 918 VIP program:       I enjoy this guy's channel and have been subscribed for awhile. He has an impressive garage. He's also very entertaining and seems incredibly down to earth. 
  Smoking a phat blunt with Potbaire is now on my bucket list!
AAPL surprisingly resilient today. They must be initiating massive buy backs today.
Kief as in kief of dat pot?
Wow, this is carnage.
Thanks brah! 🙌🏼Just texted them for my free burrito
Poaster: PiobaireStatus: Unaware of inside joak
What are everyone's thoughts on Peter Luger? Had it for the first time this weekend. I thought it was very good but I liked the bacon better than the steak truth be told.
wait. Linc's poasts are filled with falsehoods?I've been duped!
That's what you get for shopping at Walmert like streetrash.
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