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I'm going to wait at least until it reverses its trajectory.
I've actually been tempted to buy EPZM myself. It's been on a nice 5-day downward streak.Perfect opportunity for a nice, successful swing trade.Or, to catch a falling knife.. :P
Have a feeling we'll see the S&P @ 2,000 tomorrow
How about a 2004 BMW 330i ZHP?
It moast certainly does not.
It's been nice seeing my net worth figure trending solidly up over the past week or so. Feels good man In b4 all out war between Russia and the Ukraine and the market drops 10%
I filled my car up with some gluten-free gasoline and am getting close to 15 mpg in the city now. Win!
I thought truffle oil was a big sham. That and truffle butter.. though I've seen specialty food shops sell minuscule amounts of truffle butter for insane prices.
AAPL's about to break $100 too!
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