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The more I think about it, I could really use the iPad pro for work. It'd be amazing if I could run app simulators on it.
Yes, the Z4M. Our very own @Huntsman owns one. In no other than... DAT INTERLAGOS BLUE!!!
What's your thesis on TWTR? What prompted you to buy at 25?
She probably got her license late at an older age. I have friends who still don't have driver's licenses, but they're all peeps who were born, raised, and currently live in NYC.
Honestly did not expect this from you of all people.
I don't owe any more attorney fees.
Wut? Living by myself is not a priority for me at this point in my life. Therefore I will not allocate additional funds to do so.Completely different situation. Don't be dense.
He made an offer yesterday. I told my attorney to take it. Then when my attorney tried to call to accept, LL ignored all forms of communication.Now they're at pre trial today and he literally isn't saying a word to my attorney so we can move to trial.Even my attorney is like I have no idea wtf is this guy doing, he's a prick.
That wasn't racist. Your thinking it was racist makes you racist. I hope they raise taxes where you live.
You must be insanely bored.
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