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AAPL. Brutal. Down 10 points. This takes me right back to early 2012 when I bought a massive stake in AAPL and then it went down and down and down and remained down for like 2 years. Only problem is I'm not as bullish on the company as I was back then and I ultimately exited that position with a hefty gain. I never should have bought into it again. Greed got the best of me.
But you got access to dat sweet, sweet Danish booty doe.
Buying AAPL before earnings was a huge mistake. Approaching a 10% loss.
I was unclear. If I don't wear 34 inseam, it rides up at least six inches above my ankle. Shits unsightly.
This thread is 😂😂😂
You got dat sweet, sweet free healthcare doe.
A little over 30%
Just calculated my effective tax rate. 😭😭😭
I'm just joshing fam
🙇🏻🏃🏻💨Your waist size you fatty
New Posts  All Forums: