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This show fucking sucks. The writing is so sloppy and lazy. They're trying to fit way too many mini / sub-plots and it just feels too disjointed. You can't connect with any of the characters. Worst of all, there's no consistency. Fuck this show. Let's be real -- the only reason why it's remains popular is because the gore and effects are captivating and that's all it takes these days to capture some solid viewership numbers. The writing is atrocious. Ugh.
L'inc must have had a fleeting moment of light headedness during that blunder of his.
Yummy doanut hoals!!!!
I've had this scratchy throat for the past three days that doesn't seem to be getting any better, or worse, for that matter. I thought at first it was an onset of a cold but that doesn't seem to be the case anymoar. Weird.
Nope. I asked them what to do since my car wasn't listed. They told me to pick the 535.It's not that great anymore to make money. They keep lowering prices, which is good for us consumers, but the drivers are increasingly unhappy.
His application would be rejected. I can state this as a fact because I know their requirements for your car are that it be a 2004 year model or newer.
Chris Harris has the best job in the whole wide world.
I Uber'd my M5 a year ago in Dallas when I was home on the weekends (well, at least that was the plan). I was inspired by an Uber driver while traveling for work who quit her full time job as a mortgage broker (probably wasn't making much to begin with) because she was making so much more money with Uber. Also said she met cool, interesting people and was able to professionally 'match make' them with a network of riders she curated. In any case, I thought it'd be a decent...
All personal biases aside, that's pretty cool that you had a say in the i3's development. It must have been at least 2-3 years ago before they went into production, right? What was your role? I thought you were in mgmt consulting.
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