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I should open an IB account.
I don't understand why people are cherry picking stocks to fit their narrative. You can cherry pick ANY stock to fit ANY narrative that supports your investing strategy. It's fucking pointless.
Pretty much exactly what the new iPhone is supposed to look like. It's very sleek and I like it overall. The one aspect I can't fucking stand are the antenna bands on the back. Disgusting. I bought a gold 5s after having a black iphone since 2008. Think I'll go back to black / space grey this time around.
What is the significance of a pre-shower fragrance? Does it produce notes even after washing?
Kiehl's Musk last night.
What was their reaction when you pulled out your Surface tablet to snap pics of your food?In all seriousness, that pork belly looks .
Amazing weather. Went for a drive. It was great.
How old is everyone here and how would you characterize your investing style (very conservative to very risky)?
Piob, that looks amazing. How much does a meal like that go for?
Why would you need a couch when you were getting wheelbarrowed?
New Posts  All Forums: