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They certainly do hold their values very well. I bought my ZHP for $16K at the stealership and drove it for two years, adding roughly 10K miles. I then sold it for $15K
Again, I see your point: that the ZHP simply isn't worth the price premium. I respect that.For me, the extra HP, torque, and redline are meaningless. I am in no way skilled enough to perceive such minute differences. What I can say, is that I thoroughly enjoyed the handling feel of the ZHP, especially in the steering. It was love at first grip (no homo) when I test drove it. I can't recall the last time I ever drove a sport suspension non-ZHP so I can't compare those two...
Well, you're always going to be dealing with information asymmetry with the seller when you're buying a used car. The best you can do is get a PPI, test drive the car, and evaluate the seller to your gut's best abilities.I would never rule out buying a certain type, make, model, or generation of car just because certain people tend to treat those cars unfavorably.Well, not to be a dick, but your point is not proven because this car has a salvage, rebuilt title. And you can...
This statement is rife with ignorance. A well-maintained, 10 year old bimmer can be quite reliable.Awaiting your snarky response.
Uhh.. If you're sticking to a certain budget, $5k absolutely can be "that much more" in absolute terms. You're projecting your own notions of monetary value here, which is great for you, but useless for horndog if he's looking to stay under a certain amount.
That ZHP is very clean. A comparable, clean M3 would be $20K at least.
Cool. Will check them out tomorrow
Very nice ZHP. But it's a bit overpriced. I'd say that's worth around $14~$14.5K, not $16K.
I didn't even know that was an option. Do they prescribe antibiotics if confirmed for strep?
I'm a beta so I have to see doctors when I feel ill. If only I were alpha...
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