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The only solution is to test drive all of them in succession. You will know which one you want.
I don't like muscle cars because their interiors always suck dick shit.
I would not be placing any long term bets on tech stocks with sky high valuations. Worst case scenario: I see global growth slowing and that pushing us into a bear market. Following that, a total reevaluation of stock valuations where tech stocks get hit the most. We're already seeing talk about the bubble in tech valuations. There's a great video from aswath damodaran that was uploaded last night on how bubbles form. I'll link it here when I get home. It's rather...
Y'all ain't original for shit with dem jokes. Smh
I had a Black Forest ham footlong yesterday for lunch.
Shocker of an ending in Mr Robot episode 2!
Huge losses today.
Volatility like this is a trader's dream. All those HFTs are absolutely raking it in now.
I don't use a case or any screen protector. Fully naked. The iPhone 6 is so fucking slippery. It's ridiculous, really. The protruding camera still peeves me too. The back and forth rocking when using the phone on a flat surface drives me nuts.
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