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Can one truly and objectively be judged to have good taste? Or is it simply (mostly?) personal?
Damn brah, you on dat dere Partner track! Congrats!
I miss my Amex zync card. It flopped so badly that they discontinued it. This also meant that it was exceedingly rare to see in the wild. Many people asked where I got it and assumed I was a Big Balla when I whipped it out. The annual fee? $25. A card for the Millenial Poorz.
May only cost $7 in monetary terms but it's gonna cost you when he asks you to get cozy with his cawk.. err, package.
Until the average length is determined to be 3.5" erect, I will not be happy with those results. Measure again!
Nawwww. Was poking fun at the hypocrisy that I get called out for posting a meager position size when others here do the same.I am happy for jinda
You're a fucking dooooooosh for posting your position size!!!!!!!!!!
I use it a lot in NYC. Otherwise, my options are pretty limited.
In b4 PayPalPay
How about going to a blink 182 concert with a prick in a suit from StyleForvm? That's a NYC moment if I've ever heard of one.
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