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For me, it's buyist. Silly linkadelicatessen
Omg I miss the stone crab claws from that place in Miami. Forget the name. But soooooo good. I could eat plates and plates of them.
Lol stupid idnfl. It could have easily popped today too if investors thought the drop was overblown and I would have missed that. I did get lucky, son.
Just doubled my Fb position. Glad I bought today and not yesterday.
Lulz at you corporate drones Sent from my beanbag chair.
I'm getting really sick of how easily they get snuck up on by zombies. Like when Sasha went out at night with her night vision sight and got "ambushed" by two seemingly-silent zombies who only began to groan when within 12 inches of her. I hate that shit. Like you REALLY DIDNT HEAR OR SEE THEM UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE? FFS.
Boring episode.
I found Harvey, working hard on his sexy robot body of the future.
It's the complete package to get your identity stolen : they'll store your bank account info, your driver's license number, your social security number, and personal information. All on the cloud. Yeah.--Making me happy: a chocolate Nutella crepe to combat my potassium deficiency.
I'm going to sell my JPM position and use the funds to double down on FB. Considering opening a large BABA position too.
New Posts  All Forums: