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You and Ed are Eskimo bros!!
Heading to dat airport gonna fly haven't flown in over 2 years wow o shit!!
Dat AAPL juice has been tasting sweeter by the day. Still a long ways to go doe 😭
Okay well they don't think it be like it is, but it do.
How do you do this without grinding the syncros? If I'm in 1st trying to go into 2nd, the shifter is gated and blocked from moving unless I depress the clutch.
Jesus no wonder it hasn't sold. 20k on top of MSRP is fucking bullshit.
Did you talk pricing with him? If so, is it going for MSRP due to dat excess demand? It'll prolly sell within the week.
That's an M2 brah
o shit I'm famous waddup!!
Failed thrad has failed.
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