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When you're hitting it off with a cute girl and then she says "would of" in a text 😞
First month + security deposit + broker fee =
Sourdoe bread
62 degrees
Just to clarify, do you mean wearing his skin a la Hannibal Lecter-esque type shit? Or as if he's docked with eto's skin flute?
My AirPods + charging case lose about 20 - 30% charge overnight even when I don't use them. Seems to be a somewhat common issue with the earliest batch AirPods. Took them to the Apple Store today and they're giving me a new set as a replacement. There aren't any in stock unfortunately so I have to wait a week or so and make the trek again, but it's good to know that this draining issue was atypical.
Bought me some nice, slim fit swealters that accentuate dat pecs and arms.
Only a pinch?
No. I moved out. I was too fed up with hearing him have loud, kinky sex through the paper thin walls. I was so concerned for his well being that I even bought him a helmet for Crimmus so he wouldn't get brain damage from hitting the headboards so much.
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