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Korean snacks that are supposed to be salty and spicy, but are instead super sweet due to the fucked up native Korean palate. @indesertum
Best scene: [[SPOILER]]
When your piss splits into two steams at fucked up angles and only one stream can make it into the bowl 😭
I can definitely see that. A lot of Asian dudes who don't have much luck in the dating arena can get really salty and resentful towards Asian girls who decide to date outside their race.
Try hooking up with an attractive white girl in front of an insecure, short, white dude at the bar.Saltier than a whore's canker sore.
Fortunately, as fat of a log it was, it was a one-wiper and the toilet did not clog. Could have been much worse!
Not sure where to post this, but I just got hit on by two gay guys. I was on my phone texting some friends and these guys leaving a bar were like "ayy what's good?" and I had no idea they were talking to me since I wasn't looking at them. Just as I looked back up to see if they actually were talking to me, one of them goes "not feelin it? okay." Maybe my Premium Raw Japanese Jins are getting a bit too tight after all dem squats at the gym...
Showering and then having to take a shit
HRoi's poast count would be cut in half if urban dictionary didn't exist
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