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they did, i believe it was in a gq ad.
bet my friend $300 the lakers would end up with a better record. clips look good but i still think they'll turn into the clippers.
i have 3 pairs of Rafs, and they all are uncomfortable. lanvin and pierre hardy are ok in terms of comfort. CPs too, but like everyone said the MMM gats are by far the comfiest. throwing this pic up since i wore 'em yesterday:
damn. i keep meaning to call but the time difference + working is making it difficult
timo weiland dior mmm
can someone proxy?
No DH.
FF is going through a major overhaul for the new year. New brands, new site, etc.
price drop $180>$160>$140>$130>$115
i dunno, that just means more moments when guys blow up on your bench
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