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^agree. thanks to everyone for the positive comments on my fits lately.threw on a tux blazer over this then it was off to my work holiday party.from the photo booth: [[SPOILER]]
perhaps they were very blonde but i saw no pubes to speak of. there was some mild full frontal
Tres bien shop emailed 30% off codes for you and a friend, valid starting dec 27. Good on all brands AFAIK.
didn't read the book, but i enjoyed the movie. decent flick, nothing mindblowing other than the fact i was really attracted to rooney mara despite the goth look. [[SPOILER]]
they did, i believe it was in a gq ad.
bet my friend $300 the lakers would end up with a better record. clips look good but i still think they'll turn into the clippers.
i have 3 pairs of Rafs, and they all are uncomfortable. lanvin and pierre hardy are ok in terms of comfort. CPs too, but like everyone said the MMM gats are by far the comfiest. throwing this pic up since i wore 'em yesterday:
damn. i keep meaning to call but the time difference + working is making it difficult
timo weiland dior mmm
can someone proxy?
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