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i am not allowed to post a fact?
he had some nice dimes
yeah he had some nice dimes.
i got some cdg cardigans, hard to find those on sale. not sure what others are buying, but 44% off on acne, margiela, apc, gitman, etc. isn't bad. there's decent stock/sizes left.
TBS gave two codes so I think that has something to do w/ it. If it were just one personal code I don't think we'd be seeing all the sharing ha
saw this coming
i take back everything i said. still want to see them play w/ bynum though.
^i dunno, must be a $ amount purchased within the year or something. i've ordered maybe 3 times from TBS since october, but that's it. they also sent me a holiday card in the mail, love that store.
the new season stuff is nice though, i've seen the line sheets.
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