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yeah he had some nice dimes.
i got some cdg cardigans, hard to find those on sale. not sure what others are buying, but 44% off on acne, margiela, apc, gitman, etc. isn't bad. there's decent stock/sizes left.
TBS gave two codes so I think that has something to do w/ it. If it were just one personal code I don't think we'd be seeing all the sharing ha
saw this coming
i take back everything i said. still want to see them play w/ bynum though.
^i dunno, must be a $ amount purchased within the year or something. i've ordered maybe 3 times from TBS since october, but that's it. they also sent me a holiday card in the mail, love that store.
the new season stuff is nice though, i've seen the line sheets.
lol, forgot to set my lineups in all my leagues. xmas hangover!
They shat the bed, but whatever. They are missing their 3rd best player and almost beat a legit contender with an injured Kobe. I'm optimistic because the new guys played well. I knew McRoberts and Troy Murphy (and even Steve Blake) could ball but it was a big question mark whether they could mesh well as a team and it looked good today.
New Posts  All Forums: