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my park & bond order is arriving early tomorrow too. ordered monday
i didn't get a tracking email either but it was here when i got to work. i'm in southern california
Got my order from TBS. Talk about fast. And they also valued the contents at 34 euros to avoid customs fees. TBS
miami looks like the real lob city tonight
i'll give you jameer nelson!
honestly i didn't catch the game so i have no opinion on him. i saw that lebron tweeted "rubio can pass!" so i searched for the highlights and that was it. btw what's ur name in the sf fantasy league. last year i was 2nd place to your squad all year so i'm gunning for you!
i posted it twice because you and rambo both implied that i was saying he had a great game, which i wasn't. i was only saying that he had some nice assists. which is an opinion, i'll give you that.
ate at Bottega Louie yesterday, Margherita pizza was meh. Portabello fries were bomb though
I'm in california too and I haven't received a shipping confirmation yet though it probably has to do w/ verifying my credit card as I had to call my cc company to approve it.
I'm pretty sure the sale will be for 30% to start, since the e-mail stated the code was to get the sale before everyone else.
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