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team poop aaron rodgers
^i dunno cause these aren't the classic side zips that get released every season, so i don't think those are a grand.
mine are these ones: http://www.mrporter.com/product/176528 oddly enough, on the line sheets this boot is also called "brushed effect"
tony has the ability to be fantasy relevant, cause he's elite in steals and has good fg%, good blocks for his position. the problem is his inconsistency.
got the new MMM side zips
i have an unused tbs code but doesn't seem to be working. did anyone have success emailing customer service about it?
my park & bond order is arriving early tomorrow too. ordered monday
i didn't get a tracking email either but it was here when i got to work. i'm in southern california
Got my order from TBS. Talk about fast. And they also valued the contents at 34 euros to avoid customs fees. TBS
miami looks like the real lob city tonight
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