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2013 AGS is in Houston.
... [[SPOILER]]
eric gordon has played exactly two games this season
blake was an all star last year and the clips were garbage. not as bad as the wolves, but still.i can understand the blake slurping. he's exciting and high flying and always providing highlights. but someone who can get 20/20 any night and had 30/30 last year is not boring in my book. but i guess to the voters that doesn't matter.
i'd put love ahead of blake and i don't think dirk should be considered for starting. he's having a bad year by his standards
some new models this season "rec shoe" low-profile sole "work boot" also comes in black
two similar but different fitscoalcdg shirtcdg playcdg playdior hommealexander mcqueen [[SPOILER]] raf simonsacnedior hommelanvin [[SPOILER]]
do you guys watch laker games other than the nationally televised ones? i know rfx does morris didn't do THAT bad. this last game pretty much everyone on offense was bad. but in past games he tries to run the offense and get it to the bigs, but sometimes they don't end up executing for whatever reason and he needs to chuck up a shot. he can get his own shot better than matt barnes or kapono. he's averaging 2 shots a game on the season so it's not like's chucking up bad...
This. Thanks
got these in all black with gumsole, pretty dope. style is called "high frequency" and feels like a super microsuede.there was also a colorway called "ice" which is more of a off-white/wheat color.
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