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any other lightweight denim to be found?
How much is the SS SFD on the routes?
I went to the NYC store yesterday. They haven't restocked like they did a couple months back, but I was finally able to find 1 pair in 34/32 so I guess they got a tiny bit in.. Most of their sizes were still 36 and up. There was another 34/32, and I saw a 33x34 and a couple 32x34s..
Haven't seen any mention of this, but until the 16th, the Hickey website (incl. Hickeystyle, which I tested) is offering 50% off all regular price items with code NJ1108. Enjoy. Credit goes to
Quote: Originally Posted by Jacques Cousteau garrett at bandofoutsiders dot com thank you
One of the buttons on my shirt fell off.. haven't even had a chance to wear it. What was the email people used to request replacement buttons?
how thick is the flannel on those shirts? Also, can you give a comparison as to how RRL shirts fit compared to other brands? i'm a M in J crew and XL for BoO.
Does anyone have the address for stores where I can pick up Iron Heart in Japan? May be visiting in a few months.
How long does Barneys hold items for?
Any plain blue/white BoO oxfords going on sale?
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