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+1. They're work style boots. They look better with some wear on them. Just cream/polish/oil them up from time to time and they'll end up looking fine. Babying boots is silly (and counterproductive).
I should probably have posted this when India is awake.
I'm looking for a tailor in Mumbai. I married a woman whose parents live there, so I'll be making regular visits for the foreseeable future and would like to find someone to make me some suits/shirts/pants. My in laws live on the IIT campus, so they're toward the north of the city. If I could find good near there it would be ideal, but it is not an absolute requirement. I read this thread. It mainly discusses Kachin's, which seems to be a reasonable option. The...
Well you might want to consider upgrading the shoes before going for the $600 briefcase.
I think that is one reason why a lot of the suggestions in this thread aren't super practical. If you're not going to wearing them most of the time (he seems to like to actually travel in chucks) it's a pain in the ass to pack and carry heavy boots. At least it is for me. i usually sacrifice fashion and make a pair of approach shoes my principal footwear then bring flip flops for the beach/sketchy showers, etc. when I'm in Latin America, but I also tend to be more...
Are you going to be hiking in these much or are you mostly going to be using these as your nicer, going out shoes? I love the look of leather soles on boots, but I haven't been very comfortable the few times I've done light hikes in them. I much prefer a less stylish but more functionally focused hiking shoe/boot when traveling (something like the Vasque Sundowner if I'm going to boot it, though I usually just take hiking shoes).
Guys! I got my car's body paneling made out of shell, but when I run the RPMs way past the redline, I still have problems with the engine? Isn't shell supposed to be indestructible?
While the Bell and Ross isn't really my cup of tea either and I rather like Grand Seikos, it seems bad form to come in, give some harsh criticism then answer a question about your watches with one that you don't even own. If you were named for an animated character, I'm not sure it's something your namesake would do.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrispyDuck Beckel Canvas Bag I like it. Is the hardware on the strap plastic? If they had these in medium tan I'd definitely pick it up, though as this is cotton canvas, I guess I could dye it but I doubt I'd be that motivated.
Did you guys see the scene where Terry Crews was running down the hall placing the explosives on the columns as a homage to the scene in The Dirty Dozen where Jim Brown runs across the open ground dropping grenades?
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