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Is whodini in DC?
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant True. However, it's possible that many of the women, assuming that they are after looks or money, for example, and have enough to offer in return, could go to niche sites focusing on such traits. Leaving the dreamers and 'dregs' behind on the mainstream websites and basically forcing the men there to fight over a small number of users. On a couple other threads right now we are debating whether...
We don't mind thinking outside the box. We just want to make sure we can put another box around that thinking.
I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus.
Can sho'nuff's next name be d'brickasho?
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc The secret to success with women is either to be ghey or make them think you are. Doesn't work
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Suede + those soles = teh ugly. You guys wouldn't give them a second glance if they weren't EG. Bad pics. Great shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I don't want to be around if his head pops off... I wasn't going to say it, but then you went there.
Quote: Originally Posted by bry2000 If anyone is willing to proxy, please PM me. Thank you. Same.
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