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Honestly dude, slut's a pretty harsh word for Bristol. But I read she's due like tomorrow, and I don't think she and Levi are married yet. What happened to that? Also, wasn't she supposed to be due in early December by the official reckoning that proved she could not have been Trig's mom?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Wait...this thread is about income and not about taking a crap? I guess, then, that my answer of "approximately ten pounds each time" is pretty useless. I'll save it for another thread. - B = 5 Courics. Impressive. But how do you weigh it?
Neurotic Canadians in Montreal and Ottawa.
Quote: Originally Posted by DoTheGrownup I thought Tom Ford's marketing strategy was to hire women, have them shave their private places, and then cover said private places with his products. Didn't one ad have... topiary... in the shape of a Gucci G when Ford was desiging for them?
I don't think the dude reads this forum, so I'm not going to post about him. But I think acc to AAAC his book has already come out?
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Your post is worthless without pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx To me, this list spells maybe Attolini. You might want to check with shopthefinest or the local outpost of attolini in NYC to see what you think. see what ian (shopthefinest)'s return policy is, tho, if you don't care for it (can't imagine you won't, tho). trousers are around 8" to 8 1/4" at the ankle, if that works for you. Do you really want to inflict this tool on someone you might do business with?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Frankly, anyone who both maintains a horse in Manhattan and then rides it to stores has my utmost admiration. As for the dumping, that is inevitable unless you disequinate your proud animal with one of those diapers. - B Great word. By extension, would ed's avatar be said to have been "equinated"?
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked I heard refinancing can be a little tough, liquidity crisis and all. Pish posh. It's only one less foot of cable he has to lay.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Yet your beliefs would indicate that you're a wife beater wearing, toothpaste averse, inbreeding, shotgun toting, wife beating bible thumper. Someone give this man a shirt, stat.
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