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Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Dude, I just crafted a $3 million solution for a client that knocked their Marcoliani socks off. I don't think "bad at critical thinking" applies to me. Otherwise thanks for the support. I'm sure you can add value to black swan events and realize synergies by inventing new paradigms with the best of them. But if it walks like duck and quacks like a duck... and thinks like a duck...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Anyone have that "attention whore" pic with the chick doing the handstand? I have to say, despite being an attention whore, she is quite attractive. Also, Mantsn, who is the SF Cool Clique?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Se payer la tête des imbéciles est le seul luxe qui n'exige pas de fortune personnelle. Non, avoir du temps libre c'est aussi un luxe qui est hor de prix et qui n'a pas de prix. Hope you are not burning Hermes catalogs to keep warm there in Socialist Canada. Your fellow Montrealese are driving me up the wall.
You will never get exactly what you want. No matter who is making it for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Paris[CustomShirt]? Oh sure, blame Atam.
^ sry troll, you're on ignore now. Have fun and see you under your other username, you hypocritical coward!
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke why get attolini rtw when i can get bespoke? I feel the urge to take poison and shoot myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by set you free I regret not waiting a day or two before dropping off the printouts. There is so much more. I wonder if anyone from Tom Ford has decided to monitor the threads. Please let us know what they tell you tomorrow. And apologize to the woman for my running out so fast - it felt a little weird. And if the hot woman who served you coffee at Starbucks today is reading this, please send him your...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Yes, the resulting feeling of rejection was the proverbial face that launched a thousand ships. Quite sad, really. FNB is Helen of Troy? Surely there is a better character from the Iliad to compare him to?
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger There is nothing genial or decent about Artisan Fan. He told Kronik he needed to stop bringing up slavery and acting as if he was a victim. And you talk about an inner censor. Whoa dude. AF says plenty of stupid things but he's a nice guy, he just doesn't know any better and is bad at logic and critical thinking. He's not an intentional troll like certain other posters or a complete waste of protoplasm like...
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