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Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Do you hear any rumor that EG may be in trouble? No, by then it would be too late. There are two alternatives for Northampton shoemakers now: continue to downsize until they fade away (as may happen to Sargent) or outsource to India (loike a certain number of names I won't repeat whose masterpieces may be crafted in India in order to stay in the black). Lobb and Church's might survive because of their...
Bengal, perfectly put. And yet Lobb will outlast Green, since it has Hermes' money behind it, a better retail presence and higher profile, and flashier designs and PR. Get your Green while you can. I am the Cassandra of quality brands the way Manton is with respect to nculear peril.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Those are fantastic. Yes, I much prefer them to SCafora's gimmicks...
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy I have one of those upstairs, it's quite nice. I picked up from Raphael today, too. Puts my EG delivery today to shame.
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast Maybe Manouche can contribute as well. Yeah, he'll donate in used syringes and pocket squares. How about you? Got any milk money you can donate to keep Conne off the streets?
That reminds me -- where's the Russia Calf card case Cleverley was giving out as a freebie with your order?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton How is it that you have any money to live on? +1 inquiring minds want to know. Portnoy buys like a pair of $1000 shoes a week, leaving aside his expansive purchases of all sale clothing at Paul Stuart and Bergdorf.
Very nice. Be sure to keep those reindeer shoes polished -- they get really stiff otherwise. Quote: Originally Posted by randallr Beautiful. Do you have any shoes you have ever worn? Fixed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro did you have them destroy your patterns and lasts? Why, you want them? Who put you up to this, my fiancee?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro you taunt me with your Parisian exploits They are over and done.
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