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That sucks. But AF, are you a regular reader of the Washington Times? This is the sort of thing that causes people to think you are dumb.
Grenson Masterpieces for N&L: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-Lingwood-b...1%7C240%3A1318
Quote: Originally Posted by Kei-bon isn't it at least possible that someone in the TF store is following this discussion? Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Well, look at poor Jay Kos. Quote: Originally Posted by sweisman 23 Pages WOW....I think you should first email the manager a link to this thread so can see how much time has already been spent on this suit. If he had to reimburse you...
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
character actors FTW (who probably had to use their middle names in getting their SAG card)! James Earl Jones Eugene Robert Glaser Philip Baker Hall Lesley Anne Warren
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia Tip of the iceberg-- Macy's is where the other 90% shop. AF doesn't see them. The RF fields get in the way. Concordia, is there still an Aquascrotum store on Newbury?
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt tl; dr Same. Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik I prefer this one: WWRJD? rly?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pariolino Two questions Artisan, and I hope you will answer. I hope Teger will answer the first as well. 1. Do you think he was saying all conservatives are not intelligent, or just that you are not intelligent? 2. How would you describe the Socratic tradition, and do you think following it would be helpful in the cesspool? Thank you. Whoa, long time no see Pariolino. Where you been?
Great fries and beer, thriving expat community, more reasonable than France or London...
The RJ cat. Andre the Giant.
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