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Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy At $1200 these are 70+% off retail so if there are some decent fabrics and models, I'd say it's a very good price. What about fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by forex it's a swell briefcase,I have it in larger size.$1000 is probably a good price,I got it for around $700.Wife doesn't know yet It's down to $850 now. Also, Sulka smoking jacket and trousers set, almost creepy:
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Is it wrong to call her fap-ke janssen? She rocks.
Vintage wool printed tie: Cheap Old England grenadine tie:
While I am sure this is nice and warm, I can't help feeling that you'd look like someone's grandmother in it:
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl Are you jealous of the nice griesvelt colour? I could use a nice griesvelt right about now. How about you?
In French, la couture anglaise = single needle stitching. I suspect that is what the Italians meant here. You still stitch twice with single needle stitching, it just takes more time and is supposed to be more durable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton My impression is that to survive, they are all trying to focus on quality over volume. Better shoes, higher prices. Who is all? Grenson cut out its top line and has outsourced to India. At least two other names may have done so as well. Church's has not improved its quality over its historic levels. Is C&J pushing its handgrade more? EG's Top Drawer is more of a profile-raiser than a profit center I'd...
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast Is there any update on how many hours we will be spending in glory without The Countess? You mean the time Conne will be spending in the glory hole, so to speak?
Glashuette knockoffs? Who knew?
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