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Zendeline, solid, any color. Really wonderful. Incredibly soft, smooth and silky.
"Feels like I'm wearing... nothing at all! nothing at all! nothing at all!" "Stupid sexy Flanders..."
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl That might be true or not. I know of a friend who is exporting several thousands bottles to the US via N.Y. He is not the only one. Btw, a lot of F&B people are Austrians. FWIW Besides Austrian wines got a rush in the last years due to the excellent Parker valuations. What is F&B?
^ Keep trying... Whose sock puppet are you, hopkins_student's? I haven't seen him on CE in a while.
Few lawyers make $250K, and those that do couldn't afford to live in Mafoo's foyer. I would not change what you do if it gives you any satisfaction at all and any free time at all, unless you really, truly, love the law.
^ What's that? Can't read you, Koko!
montecristo = SilverBack on Ritalin.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Comedy is often unintentional Don't diss the tutee, man! Brown power!
Quote: Originally Posted by suited Apparently nobody read post #7. It's a special line that's only for Christmas, it isn't a permanent addition. That makes it better? Creatively bankrupt design is creatively bankrupt design.
I like the term "baby daddy".
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