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Gentlemen is one of my favorite albums. For some odd reason, I never checked out any of their other stuff. What's their next best album?
^ Will probably do something like that in addition.
So we all know Valentine's Day is about a month away. My girlfriend has stated that she thinks it's sweet when a guy or girl in a couple has a photo taken of him or herself for their partner. I'd like to do something special for her. A friend of mine is a photographer and is willing to help me. So my girlfriend, believe it or not, is actually a huge slapstick fan. Not Will Ferrel kind of stuff, more like Lucy and the Three Stooges. I was thinking of taking some...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas I have and would do so again under the right circumstances. But there's no half-measures with tights. Go strong or stay home. Did you go as Robin Hood or something else? I've decided that I'm definitely doing it.
I'm going as Robin Hood. The Errol Flynn version, no less. It was my favorite movie as a kid, mostly because my dad would always watch it with me. Anyway, I'm already taking a lot of shit for it! Would any of you guys actually willingly wear tights with a costume, or have I gone batshit crazy?
I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and have about 75 k. It's pretty depressing how expensive these programs are.
I went to Dartmouth and had a good experience there. But I think you need to go to the school that's the best fit for you, Ivy League or not.
I will post the link later, but there's a band I got into this past month called Fleet Foxes, and they have a great song called "White Winter Hymnal."
Coldplay. Also, Sting.
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