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nice shoes..... NO
i find french cuffs are great to wear casually - without cufflinks and rolling up the sleeves. the extra layer of stiffness holds it nicely into place and creates a nice shape
Cole haan are good for comfort and longevity, but style - they get slated on here
Quote: Originally Posted by AtticusFinch Any thoughts? Alternative recommendations in this range? ps I did not like having the pocket on the shirt you linked
Go online MTM higher end - or some of and have some nice fabric which i a friend rated
haha. Bad move. I'm sure style forum pros will out-way the conns regarding your love life is consistent and great quality but higher-end, as there are other cheaper options - Janzten, w chan etc
sorry if i missed the name, but can you name and shame this company?
1) Eat more 2) Get darts on the back 3) use an online tailor -, jantzen tailor, etc 4) Eat again!
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