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Cutting on a marble board is very bad. Gives you dull knives. Please get a cheap wood board.
How is the quality of mykita lenses? Are they equal to the price?
Pm me if you have one for sale.
hi i'd like to take the longwings if the buyer falls through
Interesting to see so many climbers here. I actually do a bit of climbing instruction part time, feel free to pm if you have questions. What the other guys have said is pretty on point. Keep climbing, there's no need to do any supplemental training up to 5.10-5.11 levels. Unless you're overweight, in which case you might want to do some cardio to lose some. Also i highly recommend this book: http://www.amazon.com/Self-Coached-C.../dp/0811733394
Would be interested if the sale falls through. One can only hope.
I would wait till its on sale
Interested in measurements as well
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