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Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon FWIW - the James hotel in Soho looks fantastic. The bar has a big outdoor area that will be killer when the weather is nice. I think the James in Chicago looks fine too, but whoever designed the restaurant should be fired. It really looks like a Denny's.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius I thought it'd be helpful to outline some thoughts on waist sizes: 26 - 27 - Ideal, this is where you should be. You can pull off DiorHomme without a blink of the eye 28 - 29 - This is good. No worries here. Solid effort, and a nice place for 30 somethings even 30 - 31 - You're falling off the cliff fast. SF needs to schedule an intervention. Plebes might not notice much, but we do, oh we do 32 - 33 - All...
Quote: Originally Posted by amnesiac Is it better than ippudo? If so I must try it. Either way I will though. And again, I repeat, get a levain cookie Levain are nice but they make you sick if you eat the whole thing. Much prefer Bouchon for baked goods. I prefer Toto Ramen to ippudo. Having spent so much time making stocks, and working for someone who basically made his name on the thoroughness of his stocks, I can say that Toto Ramen...
David Burke makes some great food but it is mainly like him... fat and fairly unsophisticated. It has a lot of flair and is refined in its own way but the man is a bit of a philistine and it shows in the food. Still had some great meals there though, and I maintain that he has the best "Steakhouse" in Chicago, maybe in the US, even though it looks like a restaurant in an airport.
Go to Toto Ramen. Seriously. It's the best ramen I've had in the US. Get the chicken... absolutely delicious. The pork over rice side dish with the yuzu mayo (and you know I don't usually eat mayo) is beyond good.
Love the morel dish matt.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz awesome stuff, very helpful with scheduling out specifics on days tips for getting into the guggenheim or natural history museum for cheap? i get in at 7am on a red eye on Sunday, staying on the upper westside, what's the first thing i do once i've arrived in manhattan at 8 or 9 considering i wont be able to check in until after noon or so Go to Bouchon bakery.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it again with a thin-cut boneless chop and give 'er a slice. No, cook a large chop and slice it. It should be served med rare... much harder to achieve this with a thin chop.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire You were correct I was talking about Mexican and no doubt they were talking about Spanish. Glad you pointed that out to me. Thinking of making a duck sausage soon. That should be interesting. i love u
Binge, you could instantly improve the appearance of your dish by slicing the pork.
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