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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero It would just be a coincidence that the ten middle eastern countries they wouldn't accept immigrants from all have Muslim populations. Too convenient a coincidence for a civilized country.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero If they don't like their attire (or more broadly, what they contribute to society), why don't they stop accepting their immigration? Negative birth rate, and the fact that more than just a few of the burka wearers are less than legal, shall we say. Refusing immigration on the grounds of religious affiliation is just simply not something France can do with a straight face. Switzerland has absolutely insane...
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu This is no different from indecent exposure laws. No, because this law targets a particular ethnicity and religion. Indecent exposure is, I believe, something much more fundamental to the maintenance of a civil society than banning a certain type of religious garment that is worn by predominantly peaceful people.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Onions, tomato, lime, salt, cilantro. That's my list.
I think providing more resources for the enfranchisement of Islamic women, in other words, a way out of the stone ages, would have been a far more valuable way to spend time in the legislature. Now you have a law which looks bigoted, even though I abhor the burka. But France, a country that has such a strong historical foundation in civil liberties, is really doing itself a disservice. This is also going to really piss off radicals, and I hope they've stepped up their...
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy room temp yes, tomato, possibly; i will recognize that cilantro might be desirable in some guacamoles, but i'm afraid it is just not appropriate for mine own. I'm too much of a gringo. I haven't had good guac in chicago... it always tastes fairly average at Bayless places.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson You guys make some insane guacamole. To me, guacamole is avocado + super finely diced red onion + lime juice + a ton of salt. Although at a restaurant once I did make a mango habanero guacamole that got written up in one of the free Chicago newspapers. I like tomato in it. But I also don't believe in chilling it.... room temp is much better to me. No cilantro for you titties?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one will do. I will pm you the iPhone pics of the receipts because I don't want Tokyo Slim to accuse me of over balling. I know that in a way it's incredibly crass but I am actually fascinated by the cost of groceries in South Korea, thanks to you.
I'm still in fucking shock over how much you pay for produce. From now on, for shits and giggles, can you please post the cost of all your ingredients? It's just so amazing to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by butabi I lika heathrow. wtf..
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