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I am going to try jelina.Panna Cotta is almost always the best dessert on a chef's menu. It's one of the few things a great chef can do without having pastry knowledge.I had the guancale flatbread and it sucked, I had another one I can't remember. I sort of hate flatbreads to be honest.The Bacos are incredible. I absolutely love them.
Where is there good fried chicken in LA?I had a great one near USC after a game off a food truck. Are there any cool "soul food" places doing fried chicken in like, hwood or Silverlake?
The flatbreads are anywhere from ok to suck. The Bacos are ALL good. The whole fish and big meat plates are so so... and too expensive. I now follow the rule in LA of never spending more than $30pp that was given to me by LA food people I know.I'm more than happy to go to Baco and order 2 of them to myself. The flavors are well balanced.Had some terrible food in Venice, on Abbot. Everything on that street is expensive and shitty. Was excited by a place that made german...
Wonderful meals at Baco and Spice Table. At Baco, I'd honestly stick with the "Bacos." I've had a great deal of the rest of the menu, and I do think they're the best values and by far the best flavor wise. The "Original" and the fish are insanely good. The more expensive dishes are ok but I think you end up paying far too much. Spice table... wow. Was actually impressed for once. I felt like I was in Chicago. Pig tail - awesome, Beef Rendang, great. Loved that kaya...
I like that.
Went to Lamill... actually not that great. Intelligencia is so much better and that's right around the corner from my apt in Chicago. Don't mind going to Venice but Silverlake is annoying so I won't have it often in LA.
Providence food is very good. I don't think the tasting is mandatory, there are some classics that should be tried first. The ugly bunch, the chowda, and the roasted turbot for two is honestly Bernardin level. Food is great, service is horrific but friendly.
I've heard Lamill, Cognoscenti, and the Intelligensias are good. I also like Tomo in Sawtelle, which is next to one of my favorite Ramen places.
PerSe isn't even the best restaurant in New York, far less the US. And no offense to my old boss but L'astrance and Chateaubriand are better and more exciting than L'atelier... and L'Arpege being that low is a joke. It's the best french restaurant on the planet.These lists are actually offensive. I can't believe I opened this thread.
I haven't seen your food. But you do pour things beautifully and with grace.
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