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I haven't had any brewed coffee that I prefer to espresso. I also don't think that there's ever a reason to pay for starbucks.
Conflating un-sour espresso with Starbucks is interesting... I just don't enjoy Handsome. I've had a number of varieties at Intelligenstia and I've really enjoyed all of them. I think most people consider it a good standard but maybe we all just like Starbucks. Mordecai, I mean to say that a lot of california wine is made for people whose palates I do not understand.
Yeah, all these places I went to are Intelligenstia alums. I went to "Fix" in Echo Park too... same sort of stuff. To me they must have the same palates as the california wine idiots.
I love the richness of espresso... the depth and lustrous mouthfeel. Why the fuck would I want to feel like I'm sucking on yuzu?
I went to Handsome twice... really sour coffee on the days I went. Not my thing.
Spring for Coffee makes me happy. The only place I find decent coffee in DTLA. I love Intelli but it's a hike if you live DT.
Makes sense. He has a pretty great bio and some cache as a film director, but I will direct him there.
I have a friend who is quite prominent in post production, with clients ranging from pop stars to fortune 500s. He wrote a novel and wants to know what kind of publications to advertise in, or what websites to be ad space in. It's a sort of pop novel aimed for teens and college aged kids, and it is exclusively for kindle and other e-book formats. Please let me know your input.
Service in LA kinda sucks in general. They're nice, like everywhere else, but none of them have real service experience. They're all just failed actors or musicians. There isn't as much career service like there is in Chicago and NYC.At Baco I've had to get up and ask FOH for service.
Low. I don't believe in high end chicken or hamburgers.
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