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The hamburgers are actually really good.
Chang and the dude in LA behind Lukshon.
Lukshon,God, I can add that to one of the worst meals of my life list. I officially hate famous korean chefs.
omfg people this isn't a real issue. People make it seem like they're banning the use of salt. It's just one ingredient that even I only want to eat like once a month and it won't be hard to do that at all.
Awful, awful, awful restaurant. There's plenty of bad food out there, but the sad thing is that this place really tried to elevate shitty, bland, starchy, fatty eastern european food. The goulash sucked too. The mouthfeel of everything is revolting, the guy simply cannot cook. And yes I like Casimir. It was so nice to just get simple french food. Anywhere else in east village I really need to try? I had good coffee at 9th street espresso and Abraco.
If there's one place on earth to spend 2 grand on a tasting menu...Although I agree that a la carte is fine.
I just ate at this Korzo Haus.I was actually angry. The cook seems like a nice guy, gave me a great rec for another restaurant then the next night I go to Korzo and have the most revolting meal I've had in a long time. Overcooked burger, disgusting bread that was hotter than the sufrace of the sun, and the fried spaetzel was inedible. I hate that place. The french place on B between 7th and 6th is very decent. I ordered a pork chop that was divinely cooked. I'd recommend...
a wok is not very useful if you don't have the burner and BTUs to use it.
If Gagnaire is your concept of 3 stars then no, Bernardin might not be 3 stars.
I just want to say the Saab I bought for long haul stuff is really, really fun. Terrible shame the car company went under. I have an SLK AMG I got from my dad which is great but the fucking thing is so impractical.
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