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Why is is that the poorest nation on that list, with the least amount of formal design tradition, is the only one that came up with something that doesn't look some sad take on service industry uniforms?
Ria will have 3 stars, mark my words. I've been on that bandwagon for a while.
No I know you weren't at all. It's in Oakville, if that matters. There's a lot of stonework/masonry in this house and this seems to be the only thing that is a problem.
The rest of the structure is very sound. I'll do some work on the bathrooms but most of it I'm happy with.It is weird to call it upper canada. I'm just usually vague about things because I guess I'm sort of a privacy freak. I think people on styleforum are trustworthy but I've always kept the internet and my life fairly separate.
Spice table I had very few things I don't like. They had a pig tail that they braised then grilled, a beef rendaang which is damn good, some noodle dishes I really liked etc. Lukshon I'll try different shit but I mean, I was not happy.
This is outside Toronto. I've always wanted a property in the north and this fit the bill and my budget. An equivalent house where I grew up would cost me mid 7 figures and I just can't swing that. The house needs some work but this looks like something that needs to be addressed soon. I'm busy getting quotes but I thought I'd get some input here too.
The brick is the problem. THe inside of the chimney has been done. I know some of you guys have restored older homes. This is a federalist home in upper canada that I'm buying.
The lamb roti barely featured lamb at all. I liked that it was fresh and pretty clean, but it was just ok.The fish I will try. They were out of the whole fish that day. I will try the chicken pops which I've heard of. I saw a lot of people ordering the corn, so I'll do that next time. I usually try a restaurant 2-3 times before I totally write it off.I have to say that the cocktails were sensational, but these days mixology has improved so much that you can find those at a...
I'm more surprised than you. A lot of people that know me told me to go. Here's how my meal went:Opening course, hawaiian butterfish. Holy shit, best sashimi preparation I've had in LA. I can't wait.Shanghai maatzo ball soup: pretty boring.Chaana lamb neck - just okBlack fried rice - Greasy, shitty fried rice and nothing moreBeef Rendang - horrific aftertaste, odd textureDan Dan noodles - supposed to be his signature. my dinner date summed it up well, it's like a mediocre...
I'm considering buying a sort of family/vacation property and it has 4 chimneys with some damage that needs to be repaired. I know the collective knowledge on this forum could be a good first step. Please let me know what you think, I appreciate it guys thanks.
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