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I love it for late night food. Just love it if it's done right...
okonomiyaki... i just love that shit.
Not a great chef either.
I have to say that lobster and potato are quite beautifully cooked. I don't always like when maxim gets burnt to a crisp.
Baco has good food. It's one of a few places downtown that are great.
Off the top of my head, these are a few suggestions for better than totally revolting. Some are "healthier" than common airport food or just better. O'Hare: Tortas Fronteras. The only restaurant of Bayless that I really like. Vegas: Burke in a Box, has some stuff that is better than average. Newark: There's a whole food court with better than average options, a Mediterranean place and another right next to it with all sorts of kebabs and stuff. Really the best selection...
Prettier for sure. Don't like the lack of structure in the sauce but it's a step in the right direction.
Yeah just in my experience, the eggs that taste better tend to have very deep orange yolks.
Deep orange yolks taste better.
That color is from a proper egg... like what you might get in france or japan.
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