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The times I've picked someone up at LAX, I would just wait for them curbside, but this time it's international and I want to wait for them inside. What are my options? It looks like everything involves some ungodly shuttle. I fucking hate shuttles and I have vowed to not take one again unless by gun point. What is the best way?
Did it come with a seared scallop and foie foam?
If it's the british basterdized version you will need ghee.
I think the home cooking i've had is better because the stuff in the restaurants uses such horrific ingredients, and a lot of the stuff is bought in. Like 98% of banchan in LA comes from the same source. I think I just have such a low opinion of a great deal of korean and chinese food in restaurants because they tend to use the absolute lowest quality of ingredients possible. It's like the potential is there, but very little care is taken and the clientele isn't quality...
I'm looking for great soup dumplings. I've had Din tae fung and mamalu, the second is better and less busy. Is there a better place? Those are the kinds of things I don't have the patience to make but I've learned a lot more about asian food and a lot of my favorite dishes I'm just making at home.
I'm sure all you asians will be like, no shit, whitey... but holy fuck. So I have a lot of chef friends who are still very active and I was at a restaurant opening a while ago where a friend of a formerly very hot LA spot and of former NY fame opened up a place and after service on family/friends night we were just bitching on and on about how bad korean food is in LA, despite people saying it's great. So a quiet little commis comes out of the kitchen, and one of the guys...
I think Monterrey Park can beat a lot of what is in NYC, for sure. Shun Lee is alright... the prices can be insane. I do like the egg custard. Best Peking duck I've had was way out in flushing or something.
No Johnny Rockets in Terminal 3 that I know of. Ice is O'Hare, terminal 3, concourse L, just as you enter the concourse, on the left. Are you thinking of the United terminal 1?[/quote]Yes that's it.
Is that the sushi type place across from the CIBO and Johnny Rocket's?
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