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I adore Rivera. I have been to no other restaurant in LA as much as there. There is no other place like it, and for me it is really a top place to eat. I just worry about that location and the debt. I have a bad feeling it won't last.You should try Hannosuke. Get the ten don, and I was very pleasantly surprised by the karate. Best in LA by far.
I had the great misfortune of being at one of these jerk off food and wine events full of bloggers and people who somehow found a job writing about food, and it's amazing how many of these dumpy women would say "O, I'm getting that real mushroomie umami now," and all her bovine comrades would validate her with other food blogging platitudes. It was that moment that I decided to not be involved with food professionally anymore.
Hannosuke/Santouka at Mitsuwa. Wish I had time to go to Tsujita but I don't line up for ramen. I'm always satisfied with Mitsuwa. Had a fantastic dinner at Providence the night before and Rivera on Friday was sublime. In my opinion those are the two fine dining spots worth noting in LA.
ehh if you've had the kind of coffee that is average in america, I'd say it is well below the french standard. France isn't a coffee place like Italy/Australia/New Zealand, but its base line is streets better than what you get in america. American coffee snobs usually are uncultured and have very few reference points. You talk to them about food and they are clueless. I have not met one of them whose palate I respect, and in LA especially, I've had lengthy conversations...
I'm in NY about 2-3 times a month and Abraco is a daily thing for me, and I haven't experienced it. They definitely use a lot of coffee but I find it is usually well balanced and rich. I don't like much acidity in my coffee. I don't get milk stuff at Abraco. For that I prefer Third Rail. Abraco usually uses Stumptown hair bender.
Interested in general insider's perspective on working at a major agency, specifically creatives. Is there an equivalent forum besides Agency Spy that might give me a sense of the culture and daily inner workings of the people that work at some of the more exciting agencies today? Interested mainly in the lives of copywriters/creative directors. Thank you guys.
When I'm in France I'm either with family that is local or with food people, so we don't ever get bad coffee. There are quite a few 3 star french restaurants however that serve Illy, which is why I don't get coffee at such places. Bernardin is an example in the US.
bhowie is my guiding star.
Lamill Baristas aren't great, but the beans are more consistent. When I do go to Intelli, it is at Venice but it has sucked lately. They burn the coffee. For milk stuff, I get flat whites, which they insist are cappucinos, but they're wrong. Lattes have far too much, and capp are too foamy, but some make it more similar to a flat white.
I think it's just another example of many people in the US having a fucked palate. Just like the oak bomb Chard's and the "fruit forward" Reds from Cali that could dissolve a block of titanium on contact. I don't mind Stumptown's Hair Bender sometimes, and I used to like Intelligentsia's Black Cat. Right now I drink Lamill Black Onyx because the two former blends are very inconsistent. Are there some more European/Australian classically focused dark blends that I should try?
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