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I always wonder if people can see mine. I've had some good stuff off the traditional menu, but most of the modern stuff absolutely sucks and it's a shame to see so much foams in the menu still. Some of them were seriously as if they went over to the dish washer and requested a dollop of suds. The brussels sprout dish was quite literally vile and the cod en papillote was like hospital food in some kind of nightmare. It was one of the worst meals in LA that I've had since...
Disgusting meal at SLS Bazaar Jose Andres. Jesus christ.
holy shit
Valentino.... Branzino crudo with zuchini, waygu tongue carpaccio with truffles (wow.) Linguini with truffles was pretty stellar and the quail risotto was just slightly too rich for me. Amazing meal and Piero is such a great host as always.
Glad you liked it, although I had some horrifying meals at Lukshon. I don't get it, I actually think the guy is a good chef, and a very smart one.
Bouchon LA sucks. Skip that.Go to Providence and Rivera.
Glad to hear it. I think Rivera is a top 15 place, as much as I hate lists. For me in the USA, it is. It has the kind of food you cannot find anywhere else. Even the "boring" staples like the yucutan butter and that corn flan... holy shit man. Every fish dish I've gotten has always been perfectly cooked, which doesn't seem to happen. Even my turbot at Providence the other let me down a bit. Rivera is solid.
O yeah?Here's some other treasures."Ducky""Piggy"
I haven't, is that the miso specialized place? I love ramen but really for me it's a late night food and Tsujita is so inconvenient. I love the broth, and I like the tsukumen even more, but that is not lunch food, I'm sorry. Their tsukumen/ramen menu is going to be served at dinner for the next 4 nights.
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