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Walter Mankze's Petty Cash a second night in a row.
Are you being serious? I will make a reservation based on this...
Which is that one, the Post Ranch Inn?
In the world of modernist food, SLS is mediocre at best. Even when I sang their praises, that is not the side of the menu that's worth anything. For that, go to SF, Chicago and NYC.
I was at Shutters this weekend.I will maybe check out the biltmore.What about Carmel? Is that nice?
I'm strongly considering SB. It is for a special weekend so I would like the hotel to be as nicely appointed as possible, and hopefully not in the dreadful "California casual" style, if possible.
I don't want to be any closer to LA than Malibu, but there's only one place in Malibu which is the Malibu Beach Inn which frankly doesn't look that great. Is there some kind of special place somewhere around LA or should I go all the way to Santa Barbara for the weekend? I'm looking for something special and serene.
Yes, sorry. Valentino was great. SLS this time sucked.
I think the classic stuff is good but my meal was so awful that I probably will not go back ever.
I don't remember if I did. Every time I go I get a bunch of dishes I didn't order and I really think it's like eating pond scum. There's this realistically earthy, mud like texture and flavor to everything. It is really god awful.
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