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Yup. A reason that ethnic food tends to suck is that they cater to whitey. If you are going to buy good ingredients and have a clean kitchen, great... but don't sacrifice the actual flavor.
anyone have recs of local type places to eat in florence? Thanks
No it hasn't, but it might not take off immediately even if it does. Korean food is bold in flavor but a lot of it comes from spice and acid. Filipino food is a lot of pork and fried stuff, which white people have already been exposed to ad nauseum with the whole gastropub thing that is thank god finally dying down.
Well, he might be right but there's another reason why he really could be wrong. It has always been available in LA and people who eat ethnic food might get into it, but the tides of middle of the road to entry level dining are changing again, away from comfort food to stuff that isn't as heavy. I really could be wrong but I'm guessing that the increase in Mediterranean and korean might overshadow fatty comfort food which had the spotlight for a while.
Yeah, that's them. They use whole milk only, which I think is fine I don't mind that. What I mind is that they're so into this light roasting that all their coffee is extremely sour. Michael Phillips, the world barista champ dude is actually incredibly nice. Some of his employees have incredible egos, along with many others in NYC/SF/LA earning like 20k a year being baristas, not realizing that in Italy common students make better coffee than they do without any of the...
I used to go to Handsome coffee which is close to there. Have you ever have Guerilla tacos? He's some fine dining dude that sets up next to Handsome a few days a week and I've been meaning to try it. But I stopped going because Handsome serves disgusting coffee.
It's good, and I'm not a massive fan of mexican usually, mostly because the product is usually of such a horrific standard and the technique is so poor that I really can't enjoy it. I haven't been to Mexico city so I've not really had good mexican, obviously. But all the spots people take me to that I just HAVE TO TRY have been incredibly pedestrian and if it were right next door to my house I still wouldn't even bother.None of it is life changing food but I really do...
i would eat the shit out of that pig.
they aren't even that good. Ansel is very close to my apartment and I remember when it was just like any other shop. The lining up for hours is more of an LA thing than in New York and I rarely understand those lines either.
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