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Thank you for the input. My date is part of the bridal party and said I don't have to go to the actual wedding, I can just show up for the reception. Is this a trap? That sounds like it'd be exceptionally rude to the wedding party, me being a complete stranger and all.
I have a late afternoon wedding to which I was invited and know no one there but my date, whom I've only recently met. I unfortunately don't have any suits I like (/in before you complain on a non-point) but will be wearing slacks and a jacket. Either dark brown windowpane or grey wool slacks. Jacket will be dark blue. It's all been tailored so the fits aren't a problem. I have questions about the following for a late afternoon wedding 1) Can I wear a black knit tie or...
I think the Sartorialist is just photographing people who look like shit on purpose. Hopefully for a gag piece, Sasha Baron Cohen style. Get people to dress up in what they think is smart and different, tell them how photo worthy it is, then publish a piece blasting them for being blind and f'ing ridiculous. That's what I'm holding out for.
Okay guys, I am wearing it sitting down. (it's unbuttoned, don't worry) So far so good.
2 button single breasted jackets. In navy or dark brown. Some curdory, brushed cotton, or blazer (like a suit-seperate)
I get GQ, Details, and Esquire. They're all fairly boring and I subscribe only for the pictures. Across them all, there are some months I literally laugh out loud at how God aweful some of the looks and advice are. And the whole "take a picture of me jumping in this suit" schtick is disturbing. Men don't jump in suits. Most men don't jump, period. So why does every issue have some knob jumping around in a too-tight suit?? But yes, you've got to start somewhere. Just make...
What is the protocol for seated work and blazers? Do I have to take it off before I sit at my computer and work? Is it weird if I wear it all day? Normally I'll wear them to and from work in the cooler periods, but have never thought about wearing one all day.
The fly is button. I just have a very large penis.
Express also sells vests but are overpriced and boxy. I would stick with Kenneth Cole and J.Crew as they're much slimmer cut and can be had at deep discount if you time it right. This is probably more streetwear than mens style.
I have a handful of vests (waistcoats) and the look you're going for is quite simple to do and people respond really well to it. First though - you cannot wear black slacks and a black vest unless they are part of the same suit. If you bought a 3-piece suit you can do this, otherwise, don't. If you get a suit-cut stand alone vest, you need to wear it with denim. (as shown). If you get a thicker, textured vest, you could wear it with slacks or denim. Do not wear...
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