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Tres Bien sale open to the public now.
I'd size down one.
If the goal is to attract women, then you should emulate the clothing that the guys who are getting all the women are wearing. Since most of us probably do not live where you live, it's difficult for us to give you sound advice. Good luck. BTW your jeans need to be hemmed shorter. They are probably a good couple of inches too long.
I have: 1x Justin Chino in Khaki - 29 I'm willing to sell them at the firesale price (+ shipping) or trade for any of the Chinos in 31 or 32.
* First to Paypal gets the shoes. * No returns - you are buying as-is. * Cost does not include shipping.
This echoes my thoughts almost exactly, except I only got 55% off through Roden Gray since I had to grab the last one in my size.
I'm fatter than I remembered. Just trying to recoup what I paid - $36 + shipping + PP fees if you want to go that way (I have good feedback, but up to you). Predator in 30/Navy and Justin in 29/Khaki. Measurements on website seem accurate to me, I just screwed up my order.
I'm in the US. Ordered ~$200 item from End on Black Friday - no customs bill yet from Fedex (knock on wood) Ordered ~$350 item from Roden Gray last year - no fees Ordered ~$300 item from Nomad last year - no fees Ordered ~$130 item from Our Legacy last year - no fees Ordered ~$800 worth of shoes from Wrong Weather 2 years ago - got hit with around $200 of duties. Folks doubted me at the time, but sounds like my experience is common.
Roden Gray additional markdowns ... some W&H @ 50% off. Don't forget to use the SF code "getgray" for an additional 10% off.
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