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La Garconne has an extra 20% off sale items for 3 days starting today with the code "GARCONNE20". Some APC (no jeans), Ervell, CDG shirt man, a few pairs of CPs left. UPDATE: according to reports, code is accepted but does not seem to actually provide 20% off right now. They will probably fix that sometime today. I am only the messenger.
There are measurements on the Ervell website; I just don't know if I can trust them.
+1Now I just need to figure out how the standard blazer actually fits.
I had the non-slim version of this more than a decade ago but the style is the same. It works a lot better on taller folks, and you will get bored of the coat, but at $115 + tax for what appears to be 100% wool (mine was 80/20 wool/nylon IIRC) is a downright steal IMHO, especially if the slim version actually fits slim.
As long as:* The shoulders fit well* The armholes aren't too high or low* The lapels sit on your chest while the jacket is buttoned* The length of the jacket is no more than .5 inch longer than what you needthe rest is fixable IMHO. Looking at the pictures, all that seems true for this suit except the armholes seem a bit big in some of the pictures for some reason. I'd definitely take in the chest from the sides, maybe take .5 inch off of the bottom, and make the pant...
I really like my Mulholland angler's bag that I got used off of B&S here on SF for $250 or so. But it may be too traditional-looking for you.
Based on your description of your wardrobe, yeah I'd go with some dress shoes or boots. If you are on a tight budget, I'd visit thrift stores in your area. Most of the time you'll strike out, but you might come across a pair in OK condition every now and then that you like.
Any codes for apc.fr?
I would buy something similar to the black CP training boots with the side zips. In fact I have that as a WTB right now in the classifieds. Not a big fan of the jodhpurs. They look great in the pictures, but a pain to put on on a regular basis. IMHO, speed hooks wouldn't work well with the small-hemmed jeans that people don't like to wear tucked nowadays.
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