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As another point of reference: my wife has J. Crew fleece-lined chinos from a few years back. They are noticeably thicker and heavier than the regular ones, and she always mentions that they are super-warm. Unfortunately, they also look noticeably thicker from the outside, at least for her pants.
It's coming in tomorrow; I'll update then or the day after.
PM'ed about socks
Forgot about my other order: #94126, #98276 (not on website anymore for some reason) - two size S button-downs in white with a blue graph pattern on it. They are identical though they have different item numbers. They come wrinkly, as this is meant to be a casual shirt. The fit is OK (slight billowing in the lower back, but shoulders are spot-on), but I suspect if I actually lose the weight that I should be losing, the fit will not be as OK. As I stated before, I am...
About the shipping: I usually team up with my wife and order a ton of stuff online. Shipping maxes out after some amount in the low-to-mid hundreds. I'd much rather have 30% off than free shipping. We then return what we don't want at the local store. I ordered a couple of items in their new XS size: a button-down (#95678) and a tailored-fit polo (#93827). The button-down fit me almost perfectly except it was a bit tight across the chest, but that's because I'm fat...
The cap was $250 at least back in July. I know because I bought a LCD TV then and maxed out on the cashback.
I'm an 8D in most shoes. I can also fit a 7.5 E in some Allen-Edmonds lasts, but not 7.5 EEE in anything. Should I get a Small or Extra-Small Epic shoe tree? And is Cedarville still the best/cheapest place to get them at? TIA.
Is there even such a thing as a cole-haan fake? I'm referring to the post-Nike acquisition shoes. I have a couple pairs of their shoes. I am not impressed, and will actively avoid the brand when shopping. On the other hand, my wife seems to love their pumps with "Nike Air" in them. She says they are light and provide good cushioning, which is important since her day job involves a considerable amount of standing. But that doesn't necessarily translate into their...
It says on the product web page that it is made of wool/nylon. In my limited experience, nylon mixes tend to pill more easily. Has anyone who owns this jacket found that to be the case (granted probably not that much "seat time" in the jackets yet)? Also, does anyone who has a 38s know how long the jacket is? TIA
PM'ed about #1, #2, and #5.
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